[Movies] HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review
  • HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review

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    Default HD-Bits.ro (HDBR) Review

    HD-Bits.net (New domain as of Sept 2011)

    This is a really good HD site. It has great blu-rays and is getting up there in quantity. It currently has almost 4400 movies.

    The speeds at the site are comparable to other HD trackers. I would give it 4.5/5 for speed.

    There is a wait time up to 24 hrs. Included a screen at the bottom to show you what it is about.

    The community is fairly nice and helpful. I would rate them 3.5/5 because some are mean.

    There is one new addition to the rules and it is very important. You MUST have a combined download and upload of 10 gb per month. If you do not, you will be warned and you have 1 week to get above the 10 gb. This number however is combined monthly, i.e., if you download in january 120 gb, you are safe for the year because 120 gb/ 12 months = 10 per month

    The Categories are:
    MPEG 2
    x264 Ro
    Music Vids
    TV Series

    Updated screenshots courtesy of Imagine on June 2011:






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    Never heard anything like that: Minimum download+upload 10gb/month.
    But interesting feature for a HD tracker. It forces the people to use the tracker.

    Nice review,was helpful for me to know the HD trackers better :)

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    RonWD Guest


    HD-Bits.ro tracker recruitment here: http://www.torrent-invites.com/track...cruitment.html

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    Could you post a screenshot with the trackers statistics, I mean: number of users, max user number, number of torrents.......

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    The screens are of low resolution , can't see the number of seeders / leechers or torrent names .

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    Thanks for the review buddy../

    One question though => Is the rule of 10 GB traffic per month is still in there....
    And does downloading free leech count as a part of the traffic

    Also, can you please elaborate on the rules of ratio, at different levels of downloads.

    I know this one is a very great HDTracker, and want to clarify my doubt before trying to get in there../

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    taken from the general rules:
    "Accounts that have total traffic (download + upload) smaller than 10GB/month will be disabled after a 1-week warning. This is an average value, actually you are not forced to upload/download every month. Freelech download isn't taken into account."

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    This is an ok tracker but in my opinion there are many other HD trackers out there that contain much more content while offering more choices. Almost all the movies are in 720p with 1080p being the complete untouched source. I dislike it's rule of 10gb per month and it's option to buy upload points. That just defeats the purpose of actually uploading and helping out the community. Skip this tracker and look for something better such as Bit-HDTV.

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    I hate that tracker.. got invited there.. but almost no new torrents get uploaded..

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