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  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review
  • BitGamer (BG) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default BitGamer (BG) Review

    BitGamer or BG
    I made this review because the other ones did not have any screens. I also really like this tracker for games so maybe it would help others here decide to use it.
    ================================================== =============

    --There are approximately 25,000 users.
    --The site is very well organized and there are tabs on the left of every page to frequently visited areas.
    --They offer FREELeech to help build up ratios and most torrents are very, very easy to seed to build a strong ratio.
    --There are over 4,600 torrents as of July 24, 2009.
    --Have tons of categories which are in browse screenshot.
    --Have popular games with fairly quick pres and dl speeds are good.
    --User classes are easy to advance in.

    --Invitation only system--rather easy to get
    --No bonus system

    categories and number of games:
    xbox 360--278
    adult games--113
    nintendo ds--269
    nintendo gameboy advance--17

    other stuff:
    burning/ripping tools--32


    Browse Page:



    User Classes:

    Something special about the tracker: (well not really that special, but I thought it was a nice fun thing)

    If I did a good job on this review, please rep me
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    Hey thanks mate. Too bad I decided to get it anyway...lol. But this will prove very useful for other members. :)
    justjenna,tomz, iguessnot, will.i.am, enday, myllz, terabytes, nuzza, josh, vegas, signus, hummingbird, dexter, mik, fade
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    dl speed is pretty good but i have a hard time keeping my ratio up. Overall good selection.
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    You think the dl would max out my 300KB/s connection I love it when that happens :D then comes the seeding :(
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    have to add something:
    the site have "Save the world", click a link for support brestcancer as exaple, after 5 seconds the next link appears, u have to repeat this like 6 times and then the "claim bonus"button appears, after clicking this button u recieve a bonus of 33mb upload.
    the scond:
    the blacjack and lottery are deleted.
    now there is the #irc chat game "#idleQuest"
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    Word. Highly recommended tracker - Downloaded Borderlands off this one and going at 1.3 mb/s o_O snatched the 6 gb download it in less than 2 hours, gotta love it - SEEDING on the other hand, not so great =_= they were handing our 40 gb upload credit in the bonus section b4 - so if there's something you wanna dl and it aint a freeleech torrent then you might wanna stop there 1st : ) Enjoy, peace and love

    EDIT: Just checked and yup the bonus is still available : D grab it while they last people!
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    This tracker seems to be alright for me. I received a 20GB credit from a member on this site.

    They have a nice selection of games. more than X360 tracker does. Or so it seems.
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    the best game tracker in my opinion, member since 1 year now, great speeds and plenty of scene releases. Highly recommanded for beginners, ratio limit is 0.3 and golden torrents are helpful for seeding.
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    BG is my main game tracker for now,,, it has some good stuff good speed and helpful members more then willing to help u out i really enjoy being apart of BG
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    BG is definitely one of the best general gaming trackers out there. You can pretty much find almost all main stream games there, from PC to different consoles to portable devices. They even have a adult game section, but a lot of those games are traditional Japanese narrative games. All in all, this tracker satisfies all my needs of gaming.
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