[Old] TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review
  • TehConnection (TEH) Review

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    Default TehConnection (TEH) Review

    Hey everyone, the old TC review is old so i wanted to update it to show u all what a great tracker this is.

    So lets gets started..

    TehConnection is a pure movie tracker, formats include XviD, DivX, x264, DVDR, and Matroska to name the most common. These include all from standard def to high 1090p def. They also allow scene and home ripped releases.


    Top Menu:

    Didnt create a screen for this, its pretty self explanitory.

    home : movies : peoples : reviews : requests : forums : top 10

    Other categories include:

    Upload / Bookmarks / Donate / Inbox / Invites / Friends / Notifications / Posts / Uploads

    Browse (Movies):

    If you are on what.cd, this looks familiar. they have adopted the same look but for movies. Its setup very well to only have one title for each movie with all the formats and releases under.


    Movie View:

    Once selected on a movie, it gives you this screen. All movies have an embedded trailer, a list of all the releases which are expandable with information for each, poster view, reviews under (by users) and actors list imported directly from imdb on upload. There is also comments under the releases off screen.

    Actor(s) View:

    If you select an actor from the side menu from the movie view page, you get this. A page about the actor include all there movies in cover view. Each of these movies are selectable, that screen is below.

    Actor -> Movie Selection page:

    Here is the screen you see after clicking a cover on the previous actor(s) page. You get the cover enlarged, included is an embedded trailer and a list of the releases for the movie on TC (direct link to download).


    Forums are standard to any tracker and nicely catagorized, thus i did not include a screenshot here. There fairly active as well.


    1 (one) invite is received upon joining TC, no rank is required to give this away. At the time of posting this, invites are given out via a request thread in the forums. You are able to request as many invites as you wish, however it is up to there discretion to give them up, depending on your activity and stats on the site.


    This tracker is a ratio tracker like most others, however they have much less ratio requirements as shown above.


    This concludes the review of TehConnection (TC). a very well organized lower level tracker. i can see many great things coming to this site in the future.

    Verdict: 8/10


    - Layout and formatting is amazing, one of my favorite over all the trackers ive been on. Its easy on the eyes and has many great features.

    - Invites are pretty easy to get, thus the user base is on the rise at a constant rate.


    - Activity dosnt match high end trackers, but im sure its on its way.


    Hope you liked the review, Thanks for reading!

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    I was interested in finding out more about TC recently and trying to decide if it would be worth it to join. While I decided I should probably look elsewhere (not a lot of HD content here), I had trouble finding a comprehensive review to help me.

    This review was simple, elegant, and to the point. I enjoyed reading it and I thought it brought out a lot of things one might not know about the site. It's interface looks like a major selling point and it's nice to see.

    Great job, rep added.

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    Excellent review Healium! I just joined this site the other day and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite movie trackers. I love how all the releases for a movie are organized under a single title which makes browsing the site a lot better.

    The only thing I dislike is the fact that they only have 6 genres for movies on the site: Action, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Musical, Thriller. Seriously no SciFi genre?

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    Press on Toggle Genre Tags and you have a lot more genres there ;) Including Sci-Fi

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    Member here, favorite tracker by far. And a great community!

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    This looks like an awesome tracker, I hope to checks it out in the near future.

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    great review
    TehConnection is a very well designed site
    easy to navigate,
    detailed contents
    quality files,

    -activity and quality in the world-torrent

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    Default Re: TehConnection.eu | TC | Movies | 2009

    I like it it has good content and everything with 1 seeder is freeleech

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    Default Re: TehConnection.eu | TC | Movies | 2009

    really great underated tracker, i've found some stuff here that i couldnt find in the big movies tracker(ptp)

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    Seeder Surge is an initiative aimed at encouraging long term seeding. TehConnection does this automatically by making all torrents with fewer than five freeleech.(
    This is a great feature of the site! Almost all movies had a couple of uploads that meet this criteria, so ratio is very easy to keep, and torrents are very rarely dead.

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