[Old] Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review
  • Torrent-Damage (TD) Review

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    Default Torrent-Damage | TD | General | 2009

    Review Date: July 11th 2009

    Review compiled by: Mankind


    Tracker Type: General/ 0 day

    Tracker Age: Almost 4 1/2 years (they celebrated their 4th Anniversary last November), one of the oldest private trackers still online and are going strong as we speak.



    Most Recent

    Most Seeded

    Most Popular Category

    TV XVID – 6,803 entries (at the time of posting)


    They have a thing called ratio building which can loosely be attached with freeleech status.
    This is because not only are upload stats only recorded during this period but download stats are greatly reduced, meaning 50 percent less and at times double upload stats being offered. On other occasion an increase in 300% (refer to screenshot below)

    Bonus System:

    They haven’t got a bonus system as such but many other features make it a whole lot better. (Explained in greater detail as we progress – review wise -.).

    Tracker Stats:

    Torrents - 22,967 results
    User base - 40000+ users

    Tracker Rules:

    Ratio Requirements
    Minimum Ratio Requirements

    • Downloaded 1GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.05
    • Downloaded 2.5GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.075
    • Downloaded 5GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.1
    • Downloaded 10GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.2
    • Downloaded 15GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.3
    • Downloaded 20GB your Minimum Ratio must be 0.4
    • And finally, if you download more than 25GB your ratio must be higher than 0.50


    Overall Ratio vs. Individual Torrent Ratio

    • It's important to distinguish between your overall ratio and the individual ratio on each torrent you may be seeding or leeching. The overall ratio takes into account the total uploaded and downloaded from your account since you joined the site. The individual ratio takes into account those values for each torrent. Your overall ratio is displayed within the top toolbar.

    Torrent Clients

    This page contains an up-to-date list of the torrent clients you are permitted to use. We use a "whitelist" system of allowed clients and edit this list often.
    • Azureus 2.5.x
    • Azureus 3.0.x
    • Azureus/Vuze 3.1.x
    • Azureus/Vuze 4.0.x
    • BitTornado 0.3.x (TorrentFlux)
    • Deluge 0.9.x
    • Deluge 1.0.x
    • Enhanced CTorrent 3.3.x
    • Halite 0.3.0.x
    • Halite 0.3.1.x
    • KTorrent 2.2.x
    • KTorrent 3.0.x
    • KTorrent 3.1.x
    • libtorrent 0.10.4 (rTorrent)
    • libtorrent 0.11.x (rTorrent)
    • libtorrent 0.12.x (rTorrent)
    • Transmission 1.2.x
    • Transmission 1.3.x
    • Transmission 1.4.x
    • uTorrent Mac 0.9.0.x (Beta)
    • uTorrent 1.7.7
    • uTorrent 1.8
    • uTorrent 1.8.1
    • uTorrent 1.8.2

    If your client of choice does not appear on the page, it is not allowed to be used - the tracker will not let you seed or leech.

    We periodically update this list to ensure users are upgrading to the latest versions of clients. Most major changes to this list will be announced.

    Uploading Torrents

    This article discusses the requirements of becoming an uploader at Torrent-Damage. For information on seeding or improving ratio, see the main KB page.

    Only specially authorized users (Uploaders) have permission to upload new torrents.

    What criteria must I meet before I can join the Uploader team?
    • You must be at least Power User class or higher
    • You must be able to provide releases that include the original NFO, are genuine scene releases and have all files in original format (usually 14.3 MB or 47.6 MB RARs).
    • You must also be able to seed your uploads for at least 24 hours (or until they are well seeded).
    • You should have at least 2mbit upload bandwidth and have a ratio greater than 1.05.

    I meet the requirements and want to upload! How do I apply?

    • If you think you can meet the above criteria do not hesitate to contact one of the Administrators, via site PM providing information pertaining to the following:
    • What kind of connection do you have, i.e. ADSL, ADSL2, SDSL, Cable, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet or other
    • What is your up & down speed In megabits or kilobits per second
    • Will you be using a "seed box" or similar, or will you be uploading from home
    • What are you using as a source i.e. Topsite, personal archive, home made, other torrent sites, usenet, etc.
    • What do you plan to upload primarily i.e. XviD, MP3, DVDR, PC-ISO, etc.
    • Remember! Write your application carefully! Only well written letters with serious intent will be considered. Users who have a poor ratio (i.e. below 1.05) should not apply.



    The invitation system (and new user registrations) is currently in the BETA stage.

    More information regarding the new invite system will be detailed here when it is out of its beta testing.

    For now once you become a Power User (i.e. upload 10 Gb or more), you can make a request for invites on the forum (on a thread made specifically for requesting invites). The best part is the staff members being extremely friendly and usually provides a prompt reply, not to mention two invites.

    Forums and Community:

    IRC Info:

    Server: Channel #td-invite on Server irc.torrent-damage.net or falcon.torrent-damage.net (only mibbit is supported)
    Port: 6667
    SSL: (+6697 for SSL)
    Channel(s): (listed on screen shot above)

    Donation Information:

    Signup URL: None found on homepage, provided with invitation code.

    Site Name: Torrent-Damage (Torrent-Damage)


    •Unless I am mistaken it might be the only site offering Power User status for 10 Gb, even sites like Bitspyder (e learning tracker) require 15 Gb. Further you get to the Extreme Power User class with 25 Gb
    •Offers invites via their IRC channel, helpful and friendly staff members, some of the best you’ll ever find anywhere (trust me I am on many of them – trackers i.e.)

    Ratings and Comments:

    •Content: 8/10 – With over 22,000 torrents you are bound to find most of the stuff that you are looking for, be it xxx, tv episodes, movies etc. There are even some packs not found on GFT.

    •Speed: 8/10 – I have got the best speeds possible on almost all of my torrents albeit for only one, most of the users have got seed boxes.
    •Community: 7/10 – Thriving community, They have also got users acting as First Line Support for General issues and apart from that there are a variety of issues to choose from on the forums.


    •This is one tracker that I’ll recommend to any user without a shadow of a doubt.

    This tracker isn’t hard to seed to so that might be a wakeup call to all the low bandwidth users as well, further with only 10gb needed for power user status, this tracker should be a highly sought after one for all users who prefer to find most of their torrenting needs (general) under one site.

    Last but not least there aren’t any wait times etc like in some other trackers so once again it makes it easier for a newcomer.

    I hope this review had proved to be helpful and certainly insightful, or at the very least giving you a better understanding of what Torrent Damage has to offer (with loads of sneak peeks).

    Do note that I wasn’t paid by the TD staff to write this review (:P) and the review is entirely based on my opinions and observations. Feel free to direct any questions and/or comments as deemed necessary either here or via pm.
    Always glad to assist.
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    Very nice review Mankind. I personally don't really enjoy TD - very slow releases and generally for me at least unimpressive speeds. However, maintaining a good ratio there is very easy - slightly easier than TL IMO.
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    Thanks for the feedback. They aren't really the best when it comes to pre times but all in all a decent tracker.
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    TD is a good backup tracker for me. They don't have the most complete selection, but I do occasionally find what I'm looking for here and not in other places. Unlike mt3ch, I actually find it harder to keep up my ratio here compared to TL; I typically have to find a torrent on TL and seed it here to keep my ratio up. That said, it is mainly because the stuff I look for here is older and not leeched very much, if at all (recently DL'd all BSG seasons in HD which decimated my ratio).
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    Dec 2009
    Rutgers University, NJ, USA


    Forgot to mention the great prizes they have via contests and such...I find that when a tracker can afford to give back to the community that that's a real sign of success.

    Check out fifth place prize!

    Fifth Prize

    A 500 GB SATA II laptop HDD in a convenient and stylish combo ESATA/USB caddy
    WARNING! Hard drive is second hand and may contain pornography
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    I love TD, for a casual bit torrent user like me the releases are almost always available for me there with ridiculous speeds and the seeding is very easy.
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    I like them too, but they don't have RSS feeds which limits my use of them somewhat. They claim it's a security issue and RSS feeds aren't safe. I don't know enough about such matters to determine if that's a valid concern, but every other tracker I belong to has RSS feeds.
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    Great review! I like this place, but Im not very concerned with release speeds and such. What makes it excellent is the quality, speed, and amount of releases; I rarely have to go anywhere else to get the movies or apps Im looking for.
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    Update to the Userclasses/Promotion section:

    This was updated about 3 days ago and is copied and pasted straight from the thread named "User Classes revisited" under Site Info.

    They are now as follows:

    Xtreme User - Must have uploaded 50 GiB
    Xtreme Power User - Must have uploaded 100 GiB
    Xtreme Force User - Must have uploaded 200 GiB
    Xtreme Damage User - Must have uploaded 500 GiB
    Xtreme Damage Lover - Must have uploaded 1 TiB
    Xtreme Damage Addict - Must have uploaded 2 TiB

    You can only get promoted to Power User after your first month of membership.
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    Mar 2010
    I live way up in canada


    Torrent damage was pretty good at one point. Then they started putting ads on their pages and selling a bunch of stuff. The community is starting to go down for it. I think the founder is either hurting for cash (though I don't know why =/) or getting greedy ><
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