[Old] TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review
  • TranceRoute (TR) Review

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    Default TranceRoute | TR | Music | 2009

    TranceRoute is entirely dedicated to Trance music, there is no other type of electronic music here.

    Default torrent view.


    Bonus System:
    TranceRoute has a bonus system based around "energy" which you obtain through participation in the site. You are able to purchase the following things with energy.


    Invites can be purchased at anytime with energy

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    It's alright here. It's not really visually pleasing and I'm starting to hate their search. I'm 4srs. I can't find a way to sort by leechers/freeleech/etc. like, what, all of the other trackers I'm a part of .. very disappointing.

    The user class system here is worth mentioning; the majority of invites that are given out are often referred to as 'TranceRoute Lite invites'. These invites are 'unlimited and free' to some extent. However, anyone who joins with this invite gets the 'n00b' class. n00bs cannot upload torrents, make posts or topics in a few sections or give reputation to other users.

    The only way to get out of the 'n00b' class is either to buy it with energy or to request it.

    These are the requirements for requesting:
    - 2 months registered
    - 30 GB+ uploaded
    - Ratio over 1.2
    - No negative reputation
    - No warnings

    After that, you get promoted to the normal 'User' class. This class gets 'n00b' invites in 'unlimited and free' quantities, but they can only invite 5 n00bs at one time. If one n00b they invited gets promoted to User, they then get another invite to spare.

    There are regular invites that automatically give the User class, but I can't speak for the frequency of those and I've never seen them being given out before.

    Personally, considering this is a music tracker those requirements are tough to meet. There's plenty of freeleech to go around, but it still amounts to more than a lot of elbow grease even if you have a seedbox.

    Anyways, it's probably just me but I've been let down by the content they have here. My favorite trance artists have all returned a 'no result' .. they have a lot of stuff here, though so it leads me to the conclusion that most songs/albums uploaded here are obscure and rare. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I've only been a member for under 24 hours so it'll be biased for me to make that claim. I'll look into it.
    EDIT: To better put this, everything they have is usually found in other electronic trackers like TT and ELK. They specialize in trance radio shows and if anything TT gets those faster.

    Their rules aren't strict at all.

    It's nothing like TranceTraffic in the idea that it's dedicated to Trance music while TranceTraffic is open to anything electronic.
    The tracker staff aren't the best at speaking English. Had to say that.

    Meh, if you want this place your best bet is to make a request for it since giveaways are scarce for some reason. Maybe it's just that no one is a part of it. If you do happen to come upon a giveaway, my advice is to pass if the requirements are high because I just don't think it's worth it. It's overshadowed by waffles/what/electronik/trancetraffic nowadays.

    Although it bears quite a few letdowns, if you love Trance music then this is your place, I guess. I probably shouldn't be quick to judge, so I'll come back to this later.
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