[Porn] PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review
  • PussyTorrents (PT) Review

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    Default PussyTorrents (PT) Review


    Tracker URL: PussyTorrents.org

    Signup URL: PussyTorrents.org :: Signup

    Tracker Type: mixed, HD/SD, Ratio-based

    Tracker Birthday: 2007-12-04 is on the front page but I'm not sure if this is their birthday

    Tracker Description and Commentary
    PussyTorrents is a tracker dedicated to porn of all types. It's been around for quite a while and has a lot of varied content. You'll find the same fare as on larger, general trackers as well as more genre specific stuff such as lesbian/gay/trans, hentai, bondage/BDSM, torture and bestiality. Everything is fairly well labelled so you usually won't stumble into anything you're not looking for.

    As of this post there are 7,550 torrents and retention is pretty good. There's over 50 torrents dating back to 2007 and 2008 with a range of 5-90 seeders. Ratio is easy to keep on here if you have a seedbox and even if you don't it's not too difficult if you're willing to put in the time and seed. There's no freeleech or partial leech, every byte uploaded and downloaded counts towards your ratio. Cross-seeding helps your ratio here and uploading your own material works as well provided you're a power user, uploader or VIP.

    Some specific things to note:
    -no pay per click links allowed, you'll get a warning the first time and worse for further infractions
    -no live links at all, so screenshots and info links need to be cut and pasted into your browser
    -as of 2011 staff must be informed of seedboxes (both dedicated and shared). if it's shared, all users on the site have to let staff know
    -not sure if they prune accounts: I completely forgot I had an account and went to sign up again about 3 years after I last logged in and to my surprise all my stats and info were still there (keep in mind that's my own personal experience, yours may differ :P )
    -strict seeding rule: "We expect from every user (except vip's) to seed ALL torrents to at least 0.4 ratio or 60 hours . Doesnt matter if torrent is new or old, ratio must be at least 0.4 or 60 hours duration of seeding. If you don't seed your torrents properly, your account can be disabled without any warning given."
    -***this might be common sense to most but browsing this site is NSFW with pictures on. links at the bottom of most pages are explicit graphical ads and the avatars can be 'adult' (although this can be turned off in your profile)

    Overall I think it's a fairly decent tracker



    Tracker Stats
    can't find tracker stats. if anyone finds them let me know.

    Torrent Categories & Browse Page

    Freeleech & Bonus System
    no free/partial leech or bonus of any kind




    Invite System

    IRC Details

    Donation System/Page

    your only payment methods for donating are credit/debit card

    Links to older tracker reviews:

    btw, post #500 for me, yay! :)
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    Congrats on your #500 post @newguy It looks like PT has a pretty large category of fetish porn.. I've got take a detailed look on what they have, who knows what i might discover
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    thanks LLN!

    it's not that large a selection relatively speaking when compared to the rest of the material, but they do have it and I haven't seen most of this stuff anywhere else
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    Quote Originally Posted by newguy View Post
    Ratio is easy to keep on here if you have a seedbox and even if you don't it's not too difficult if you're willing to put in the time and seed. There's no freeleech or partial leech, every byte uploaded and downloaded counts towards your ratio.
    Not true unless you have a seedbox or a very fast connection. If you haven't, it doesn't matter if you're willing to put the time and seed. Basically this is a seedbox tracker. When you download something it will download very fast, but forget about trying to keep a reasonable ratio, no matter how much you seed. As a new user, you are not allowed to upload your own material, so no way to improve your ratio that way. Then, when you download and seed something you are competing against ultra-fast seeders (because they are the only ones that survive: users with slower connections have already been banned because they can't reach the required ratio), and when other leeches try to download the torrent they automatically connect to the faster seeders, so you are out of luck: you won't be able to upload more than a few Mbs, with luck. There's no freeleech and you get no points for seeding that you can use to improve your ratio, so there's no way you can reach a 0.4 ratio unless you have a ultra-fast connection and can compete with the other seeders.

    So, for every torrent you must seed 60 hours or reach a 0.4 ratio or you'll be automatically banned. It is impossible to reach that ratio with a normal connection, but you can seed the required time. However, you are also required to maintain a 0.4 global ratio or you'll be automatically banned when you reach 5Gb downloaded. Since it is impossible to reach that ratio with a normal connection, even if you seed 24/7, there's in fact a 5Gb download limit for you. Once you reach it you'll be banned, It doesn't matter how much you seed or what a good attitude you have.

    I think that this tracker's policy is not very well thought-out. Sure, they only have fast seeders, because everybody else doesn't survive, but that means they lose users who could upload their own material and improve the tracker, and also users who could seed and maintain alive older torrents that now become seedless, even if their connection is slower. There really is a reason most trackers hand out points for seeding, that can then be used to improve your ratio. Anyway, their site, their rules, I just wish they would explain that it is a seedbox-only site before you signed-up, so that you wouldn't waste your time.

    I'll copy a post someone made in this tracker's forum, to explain the situation in more detail:

    I'm going to give you some advice about ratios, etc. I might as well post this before I get banned myself, which could very well happen at some point.

    First off, depending on your internet connection, it's nearly impossible to meet the ratio requirement if you have a slow internet connection. Given how torrents work, and given the speed of fellow seeders on this site, if you have a slow connection it will take you forever and a day before you reach that magical 0.4 share ratio. BT leechers automatically choose the fastest torrent downloaders available, and there are a lot of them here. In fact, due to PT's policy of banning members who do not reach their ratio quickly enough, MOST seeders here are fast uploaders -- because they're the only ones who have survived. Think about that. So you're competing with the fastest seeders out there, and if your internet connection sucks because you live in the boonies, like I do, then you're at an extreme disadvantage. You might not make it, frankly.

    To give you an idea of how long it might take to reach that ratio, I have been seeding non-stop for two weeks, 24/7 round the clock, downloading nothing, and my ratio has gone from terrible to just bad. At this rate it will probably take me about two months to upload enough to reach an overall 0.4 share ratio (maybe), after downloading about a day's worth of torrents. Like a roach motel -- easy for data to enter, hard for data to leave.

    Second, I believe a lot of advice on what to do about ratios is incorrect. For example, downloading newer files, or just a piece of a file, or sample material. While it is true that newer files will have more traffic than older files, none of the above changes the fact that faster seeders crowd out slower seeders, regardless of what the material is. In fact, my best share ratio is on a file that has a typical seed-to-leech ratio of about 5:1, while my worst share ratio is a file that has a typical seed-to-leech ratio of about 1:4. Logically, you'd think a file with more seeders would be tougher to reach your share ratio on, but in reality this isn't necessarily so. Plus that 1:4 file is one I downloaded SPECIFICALLY to get my ratio higher -- what a mistake. I'd taken the advice of downloading a popular file with many more leechers than seeders, and it's hurt far more than it's helped. So don't think that seeder-to-leecher ratio matters much, because it doesn't. What matters is the internet connection speed of those seeders, and you have no idea what that is, unfortunately.

    Another thing to think about is that BT clients can only upload so many files effectively, and EACH file needs to reach that 0.4 ratio. Read the rules, it's there. This means you shouldn't download too many files. If you try to seed 50 files simultaneously, most BT clients can't handle that many connections. So you're screwed. Your BT client will seed some, but queue the rest. Thus you won't be seeding files you need to seed to get to your ratio up quickly enough. So again, choose files carefully.

    Third, keeping your files available for a long time will help your Announced stats (PT requires at least 120 announces per file, or about 60 hours * 2 announces per hour), but it will not prevent you from getting banned. If you have a file with 400 announces but only has a 0.2 share ratio, you will still get banned. Happened to me. Your announce stats can help get you a time extension, but it will not stop you from getting banned in the first place. By way of examples, I have a file with 647 announces, but a share ratio of only 0.04, another 593 / 0.07, another 642 / 0.08, another 619 / 0.12 ... terrible. This after two weeks. By logical extension, that 647 file will need 6470 announces (3235 hours) to reach 0.4, or about 135 days. To reach a 1.0 share ratio: 8088 hours, or 337 days.

    My advice to new downloaders would be: download complete newer files you are interested in, because a) you might get kicked, so you might as well have complete files you want if that happens, b) downloading parts of files or samples simply does not work. Also, do your homework on what you download. I've downloaded files I wound up not liking, and it looks like I'll have to keep them for months until I can delete them from my library, waiting for their ratio to work their way up. Meanwhile, until they can be deleted I can't download anything new.

    So, what does work? Time. That's about it. Every once in a while someone downloads something from me for 5 or 10 minutes or so. Picking up the digital crumbs. There really is no other way if you have a slow connection, nothing else is effective. This means, also, you'll need to leave your computer on 24/7 for long periods of time, without downloading anything, AND you'll likely need to keep asking for extensions. In terms of a download-hours/upload-hours ratio, could be 1:100 or 1:1000, or as you've seen above, maybe a lot more. Some of my files look like they'll take 4-5 months at the rate they're going, just to get to 0.4. Yep. And because BT clients can only handle so many file uploads, it also means I can only download a new file after an old file has finally reached its ratio.

    So ... if you're looking for new material, regularly, and you have a slow connection, this might not be the place for you, my friend.

    Lastly, and this is incredibly important, if you do get banned (and you WILL if you have a slow connection) it will be impossible to get back onto this site to find out how to get help or a time extension! I know, it happened to me. (Luckily I'm an IT guy ...) So copy down the following ... NOW. If you don't, after reading this, and you can't get back on, then you only have yourself to blame. You have been warned. They really do ban you after ONE email warning. COUNT ON IT. If you don't think you're going to make it, start cutting and pasting now, just to be safe ...

    - - - help@pussytorrents.org doesn't work
    #help at irc.pussytorrents.org:6011 or :+6021(ssl)
    - - - note: NOT the standard 6667 IRC socket, so 'irc.pussytorrents.org' WON'T WORK, that's why you need to copy this stuff down.

    You should also copy-and-paste other help/contact info on the site, and save it into a text file somewhere. You won't be able to get to it after you're banned. Examples ...


    Hope this helps. It's a good site with a lot of good content, but it's made for fast connections. If you're slow ... you either won't last or won't be able to download much. That's the truth.

    You might want to consider becoming a VIP member, to get around this. Just remember, once you're banned, you won't be able to contact them about this. If I wasn't a poor college student, I'd probably be doing it this way. Or you can purchase a 'seedbox' to help out your ratio (google it). Obviously, neither are free. Bottom line is you'll either have to pay with a fast internet connection, VIP membership, a seedbox, or with LOTS of time and electricity. Ultimately it ain't gonna' be free, one way or another.

    Cheers. Good luck, fellow pervs.
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    I was a member of this site up til about a year ago when I stopped using it. I became a member of torrentday (which is a great general tracker) and found that they have a pretty decent porn section. Also, I have found that the porn tubes online are much better than I ever expected. You can dedicate a lot of time and effort into building your own large collection of porn or you can just go on to one of these sites and have access to even more videos than you could ever hope to collect yourself. Of course, if you are a sucker for a storyline or you crave only the best quality videos PT is pretty good for a tracker that only does porn.
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    Nice review...thanks for the info. I noticed there are a ton of views on this review but hardly any posts... I wonder if its because its a porn tracker review:evil:?

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    and for the love of God,
    don't forget to leave an iGiver.

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    And boom goes the dynamite :evil: hha a good review
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    Further to my review... Things may have changed since I was last on but when I was a member PT didn't have any siterips. If it still doesn't hsve them it should get them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maze View Post
    Further to my review... Things may have changed since I was last on but when I was a member PT didn't have any siterips. If it still doesn't hsve them it should get them.
    PT does have site rips now as well as collections.
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    Nice tracker review. Just curious... are there any "sex guides" section/category on PT? Or are the guides just placed in various categories?
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