[RIP] Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review
  • Nordic-T (NT) Review

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    Default Nordic-T (NT) Review

    Nordic-T - Nordic Tracker


    Signup URL : https://nordic-t.org/signup.php

    Tracker Type: General

    Nordic-T is one, if not, the biggest tracker found in the Danish tracker world at the moment. Over the last 1-2 years a lot of other danish trackers has been taken down, or simply couldn't make up with Nordic-T. Besides its being a top danish tracker, its kinda big if we're looking on a international plan. It's also one of the biggest if we're looking on a Scandinavia plan, it has reached big goals on that part.
    It has a hugely active forum and community, always people helping each other or just sharing their daily stuff.
    If we're to look on its content it may be various a little bit, due to uploaders coming and going. The speeds on the tracker is not insane, but you can easily get fine speeds, and nothing you really will notice, only if you're really up to major speeds.
    Looking at their content there's lots of different stuff to find, actually almost every category you'll ever dream off, besides mobile-applications.
    But it has everything from music, games, movies, tv shows, porn, e-books and to 0day. The pretimes can be various too, it really depends on the uploaders.
    They have almost every single TV show being broadcasted on danish television, along with all the other TV shows we already know off.
    Freeleech is very limited, as they decided not to do anymore of them back in the days, 2-3 years ago.

    And atleast but not last, they do have open signups until they reach their userlimit. If their signup is closed, you will always be able to find invites via. the Giveway Section.



    Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page



    FAG - Userclass etc.

    Ratio guide

    Invite System

    XAMPP Details
    - They have taken chat a step forward. And is now using XAMPP instead.


    Donation System/ Page

    Content: 7/10 - Is laking at some points, but really got some amazing content sometimes.
    Speed: 9/10 - Speed is quite good, could be better but this is great.
    Community: 10/10 - Love all the people and staff there, helpful and greatfull
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    Nordic-T is one of my favorite trackers. Im not posting active in their community, but forsure it's 10/10. I also agree with rating on content and speed :)
    The tracker is in top 2 in Denmark, arguably best tracker in Denmark. It's also one of the oldest tracker, I think it dates back to 2006.


    EDIT: The tracker has closed.

    EN : Shutdown of our P2P activities

    After careful consideration we've decided to shutdown our tracker while we're still ahead - and from now on focus entirely on our community here. For our majority of Danish speaking users - we'll go into further depth of this in our radio broad cast on Sunday.


    DA : Nedlukning af P2P delen på Nordic-T

    Efter længere overvejelser har vi valgt at lukke ned for trackeren på Nordic-T, imens legen stadigvæk var god - og dermed fra nu af udelukkende fokusere på vores community. Vi vil i vores radio show søndag aften samle op på de spørgsmål der kommer i - og forsøge at besvare så mange spørgsmål vi kan der. Samtidig har vi åbnet op for at alle kan benytte vores chat, som hænger i højre hjørne i bunden - at få venner på listen kræver desværre fortsat at man har tilføjet dem med en klient (vi tilføjer i løbet af dagen en samling af links til guides om at komme på med en klient), men udvider man vinduet ved at trykke på chatbaren - vil man kunne trykke på pilen til højre i den blå menubar og udfylde det med "nordic-t" (uden "'erne omkring nordic-t) og af den vej kunne komme ind i vores kanal og snakke med alle andre brugere.



    Rest in peace - Thank you for a good tracker!

    Best Regards KYLLAH
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    Rest in peace nordic-t. I really enjoyed being a part of this tracker.
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