[Old] ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review
  • ScienceHD (SHD) Review

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    Default ScienceHD (SHD) Review

    ScienceHD is a tracker that focuses primarily on e-Learning content related to Science, Science Fiction & Documentaries. It is a relatively small tracker, with a very active community of people who share interests in scientific disciplines and documentaries. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the content is video but e-books and Scientific Papers are also available albeit the latter is obtained through the forum via external links, however, the video content is not restricted to high def either and infact content is available in a variety of resolutions, especially older television shows which are only in SD. The tracker has gone through some significant changes, most notably the elimination of the 3GB/month download quota being the main as it has allowed the current fan base the thrive more freely.


    Home Page/News

    Tracker Stats

    A few notable things I'd like to point out in the stats:

    • Although the user base is small, note that the number of torrent seeders vs the number of leechers.
    • The site tends to run very close to the maximum number of users, so they can be picky at times with their applications.
    • Seeder/Leecher ratio is high for such a small community meaning everyone looks after and cares for the site and everyone else who is a member.

    Torrent Categories

    • Take note of the vast amount of tags that are available in the categories section, the about of detail & specifics that is put into this site is utter mind boggling, there is a tag for pretty much anything you are thinking of looking for on this tracker.
    • Some genius also came up with the amazing idea of this second category option which features tags via Programs, Tv Series, Channels, Learning, People etc. all accompanied with their corresponding thumbnails making the process much easier and pleasing to the eye.

    Browse Page

    • Okay so it may not be the most appealing of ways to browse for your torrents, but in this case they have reasons. The details they have includes has been laid out in a fairly straightforward way, the name of the torrent with its corresponding thumbnail to the left, below it's name are the version of the torrent (for example SD, 720p or MKV, MP4) , to the right is the time to torrent has existed, its size, the amount of snatches,seeders and leechers etc.. but take note of the checkboxes, this feature is so you can check the box of multiple torrents on that list and at the top of the page there is an option to download your checked list all at once, pretty nifty, not only that when you hover over the channel or the specific episode it will give you its actual summery of the content, and the TH, BK, RP & PDR are the respective quick links to thanking, bookmarking, reporting and even telling you what your ratio will be after you have downloaded that torrent. its been well thought out i just wish it could be made that bit more appealing.

    Freeleech Torrents

    • Freeleech on this site is not that hard to find, firstly you the fact that every Sunday ScienceHD releases 2 "Picks" and sticks them to the top of the browsing page for all to download and increase their upload as well as keep us all entertained there is also fact that certain shows are always freeleech such as pretty much everything by Horizon is freeleech a good portion or shows have their first episode of the new season marked as freeleech.There are a lot of random episodes which are also freeleech for those wishing to dabble in something new, Not to mention the fact that anyone who is Genius rank or above is able to declare their own torrents freeleech should they wish to and just to top it off the Bonus Point also allows you to spend your points at the shop which i will get to later on. ScienceHD has been known to throw sitewide freeleech so yeah not as rare as you might think :D


    • This is where the fun happens, the place is in fact more active than the screenshot depicts, but with under 3000 users the amount and quality of help, deep discussions, filled requests and general talk is surprisingly high and matches that of even the the much more popular trackers.


    • Again Detail is something that is not taken lightly here, the above are all the separate rules you have to follow here they are not as lenient as other trackers i know of and they expect you to abide by these rules, that does not mean the guys at the top are heatless in fact its just the opposite, if you do find yourself in a situation that may be frowned upon speak to the moderators they are very understanding. as long as you do care for the tracker they will care for you back.

    Like i said above detail is not something they take lightly, also they are very specific with their rules so its not like you can turn around and be like i did not understand, that said if you really do not understand they would much rather you not attempt anything and just mention your uncertainties in the forum

    • Note the exceptionally detailed filename requirements, which you should pay careful attention to if uploading to fill requests or to share videos found at other sites otherwise you will be told to amend it or it is goodby uploaded torrent.
    • As noted, the only requirement is some type of activity once a month (no longer requiring a minimum download)
    • Note the specific rule about sharing of credits - they do not want users exchanging credits for "rep" (or in T-I lingo, iGiver). Given how small their user base is, be very careful with your credit giveaways, since it is going to be relatively easy for them keep track of their users accounts and with this could be quite possible for them to use this to identify users here breaking that rule. So please just bear that in mind.

    Bonus Points System

    Now this is quite I nice piece of development remember when i said the site is not rare to use freeleech well now you know, No.19 "Global Freeleech" is the joy and target for everyone on the site just donate what you will and slowly but surely your gift will be received, that said though that is a heck of a load of bonus points to match so dont think it comes around too often it is worked for and is almost like trying to break rocks with pebbles.

    as for the rest you can also see that they are not cheap, they are not as expensive as they first appear you will see why when you read the credit system below but no they are not cheap, but the bonuses & offers have definitely been well thought out and put for those who truly do like to share, those who love the mysterious or even those who take pride in their achievements.

    And for those of you who have already spotted No.13 yes you read that correctly "Sticking your hand in the Large Hadron Collider" no i do not know what it does so sa
    dly this has to be left unanswered but please let me know what it has done for you as i will be happy to hear and if you want share the stories.

    Invite System

    Sadly a single invite costs 500,000 credits and is only available to Undergraduate-level users or higher so in short they are not too easy to get a hold of
    so finding an invite outside of a promotion period is rare. That said, the most common way to join is to submit an application using the link at the top of the review a screenshot of which has been given below.

    Application tips (from their application page):

    • We at ScienceHD are interested in users who are interested in science. These applications are accepted or denied on the basis of your responses, so it will benefit you to answer the questions completely and honestly.
    • The more effort you put into the application, and the longer your answers are, the more likely you are to be accepted -- an actual person will be reading these and deciding!
    • Do NOT use a proxy, VPN, etc. when filling out this application. If you do, you will be denied.
    • If you were previously disabled, do not attempt to apply here. Instead, come into IRC and talk with us!

    • It is rare to find a site that is so honest and realistic about their operational costs, which is posted on their front page as 130€/m and stated exactly how close they are to reaching their goal

    Community (2*pi/5)

    For its size, I have not seen a more active and passionate community for a private tracker. In their main IRC channel, the number of members chatting is about half of T-I's, which is impressive considering T-I's userbase is ten times larger. The user to torrent ratio is dramatically higher than comparable sites, and everyone I've interacted there is extremely friendly and helpful. There are lots of fun promotions and contests on the message boards, where it is quite easy to rack up hundreds of thousands of credits. As part of the birthday festivities, the site hosted an IRC scavenger hunt that involved going from room to room solving riddles related to the site and science. It's easy to tell that this tracker is not a place for collectors - for its tight-knit community of members, this is their virtual home.

    Content (4/5)

    ScienceHD is not going to have every brand new 0day/scene release out there - there are many other trackers for that sort of thing. However, if you are looking for older documentaries, ScienceHD's content is unparalleled. Series are extremely well organized and filename restrictions make it easier to put their video content into a home digital library. The older stuff is extremely well-seeded, considering how rare some of it is, and not having a user max on seeded torrents keeps it that way.

    Speeds (3.5/5)

    Much of the content is obviously hosted on seedboxes, and my personal seedbox will max out its connection easily on torrents uploaded in the past 3
    months. However, because of the much smaller community, you should not be expecting speeds as fast as other larger trackers.

    If there is anything you feel i have left out, should amend or could improve please feel free to contact me and i will do so with pleasure.

    Credits: MrWhite
    Used his ComicBT Review as a template.

    (I am thus far unable to provide a screenshot of the Invite System with a invite available so if someone can be kind enough to provide me one whilst having an invite to show what it looks like properly please do do as it will be greatly appreciated, just to ensure, i am NOT asking for an invite but a screenshot of the invite system while an invite is available to give to give a more proper depiction of the process)
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    Finally, a niche tracker that makes sense to me! I just joined myself, exactly what i was looking for. More History, Nature, and Space then you can shake a stick at. It's missing a few specials I was hoping to find but at the same time it has many things that I would have otherwise never known about.
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    I just send my application :) Im very interesting in history channel documentaries thx for the info and for the application tips
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    I just sent in an application to this tracker. Thanks for the info and this post, if I had not stumbled upon it, I would not know this tracker exists!
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    how is this site? I was unsure when they ask for a profile links on the trackers u use.
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    the site is fine...nothing wrong with giving profile links to the trackers you use..didn't you do basically the same thing to get into T-i? giving your profile links should be the least of your worries, filling out the questions where it pleases the person who checks the applications is the hardest

    Thanks to choppers for accepting my application
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    It seems this site is too small,why many people want to join?
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    Default Re: ScienceHD.me | SHD | eLearning | 2011

    well its a niche tracker..niche trackers don't have a huge userbase. The amount of members don't make a site, the staff and its content make the site ;)

    Thanks to choppers for accepting my application
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    This tracker is ok it's just really hard to seed there
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