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  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review

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    Default BitSpyder | BS | eLearning | 2011

    Tracker Name : Bitspyder
    Tracker's URL: .:: Bitspyder.net
    Signup URL : invite only
    IRC Details :irc://irc.bitspyder.net/bitspyder

    Tracker Type

    Tracker Birthday

    5 Years "2011-03-20 - Bitspyder Goes 5 !!"

    If you search for Ebook or Courses or you are a software engineer or searching for anything to learn it :D then you we find it there , this is the second tracker in elearning after BitMe.org but there are alot of people they said that site is best than bitme :)) and i'm one of these people :D so hope you like my review "trying my best " .



    Tracker Stats

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page





    Donation System/ Page


    Content : 9.5/10
    Speed : 10/10
    Rank : 9.5/10

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    Default Re: BitSpyder | BS | eLearning | 2011

    Can someone check to see if these books are on this site?: I want to know before trying to get an invite.

    A Farewell to Justice by Joan Mellen
    9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed by David Ray Griffin, or any David Ray Griffin books

    Debunking 9/11

    The Eleventh Day by Anthony Summers

    And if they have a good selection of human interest/sociology books
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    Nice PT................I like it.
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    Are there a decent amount of textbooks on this site? Would def beat having to drop a ton of cash every semester.
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    Good review.
    There's not a lot of textbooks on bitspyder. There might be more for technical subjects. For textbooks try library.nu

    Bitspyder is a good tracker for tech materials.
    Moderately difficult to ratio compared to other elearning trackers.
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    There are torrents on here that are pretty common on other sites like Demonoid and other general trackers. You can download them over there and cross-seed them for ratio but it will take a while. Best way is to upload your own material. No matter what you upload you'll usually get at least 1-2 leechers.
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    Thanks for review!

    What formats they usually upload on Bitspyder when it comes to books? It's .pdf or also e-book friendly format (like .mobi)?

    It looks like good tracker for e-learning, especially after library.nu is closed.
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    Today I got invited to Bitspyder. There really are a lot of technical material, most of it .pdf format. So if you are looking for literature books for ereader this one probably isn't best tracker. But if you need to know how, let say, repair home TV Bitspyder can be helpful.

    Like all e-learning trackers it's not so easy to boost ratio quickly.
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    This tracker is incredible for technical books; much better than any of the other trackers I've been to (haven't seen biteme or learnbits though). The "test" ebooks I searched for were actually there, and in quite a great deal of volume as well, not just one title. I am very impressed.
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    I been on this tracker for month and half and totally love it. I love the technical material that gets posted on this tracker.
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