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  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?
  • All .BZ trackers down?

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    Default waiting for more info

    I'll keep checking back and will appreciate any updated info too. Miss my

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    Default All .bz sites are back up

    I'm a newbie here, but like all of you, I love the .bz sites. This was the only place I found any information about what had happened to them.
    Today I tried again to log in and thank the torrent gods all the .bz sites are back up and running in new .click domains. Currently the old .bz's are being redirected to the new .click(The Empire didn't, so I just changed the address from .bz to .click and it worked) sites, but the new crew don't know how long the redirection will last.
    Happy happy day!!

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    Restoring from a three month old backup, with a three month gap in the torrent list, loss of ratio and loss of donation data. Not very well done.

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    Security layers ¯\(o_o)/¯


    To include some additional information I thought it might be nice to inform everyone of this reddit post:

    Post Date: 22.4.2017
    Author: thebzguy

    Faithful surfers to the Tbz group of sites will have noticed that we've been down for a couple weeks while some drama sorted itself out... but we are now back, and at a new address to help prevent problems in the future, all ending in .click. In short, The BZ Team is now The Click Group.

    Return visitors, please take a moment to read the announcement when you log in. It'll explain what went down and what steps we've taken to ameliorate the situation.

    All services are back up now -- irc running as advertised, trackers up, sites all good on both http and https. We should be good to go. See you there!

    ThePlace :: Login TheVault :: Login TheOccult :: Login
    TheGeeks :: Login TheShow :: Login

    (All the .bz domains are still forwarding to the new addresses for as long as that lasts, too.)

    I guess this can serve as a mini-AMA too, if you'd like.

    Edit: Thanks for the questions and encouragement everyone, I'm signing off for the night. If you run into problems and need help, hit up Skiff or Jait on the IRC server, or send a staff PM on the site in question. See you soon!
    2nd Reply (thebzguy)

    We're still not 100% sure what he's done. As you can see if you read the announcement that though things appear bad there's still the possibility that this has all been a big cockup. I wouldn't bet on it, but it's still possible and we want to leave the door open if there's the slightest chance.

    Sadly we have no real authority to dictate what happens to any of that data once it's out of our hands. Passwords and so on are encrypted so it'd take someone dedicated to dig into those (still, change your passwords on other sites if you are one of those types who likes to use the same password everywhere, just to be safe). Skiff is going to be dedicating his time to making sure people are covered and picking up the slack on people who got the short end of the stick, so if you did end up losing anything hit him via PM on the site and he'll get you sorted out.
    3rd Reply (thebzguy)

    No, everything was fine up until we no longer had access, so no deletions. This is why we're suggesting people change their passwords, especially on any sites that may have had the same password as on our site. The passwords are encrypted of course, but a dedicated attacker could eventually compromise your pw with enough time and effort... fortunately, while that happens, you have time to change your passwords elsewhere so it won't matter.
    Here's the official announcement by "The Click Group" which was also annonced in trackers reddit but was deleted, this message also is visible for the tracker users (most likely):
    Welcome to Our New Home -- What Happened and Why

    Senior staff member went rogue, shut off the servers and locked everyone out. New server on new domains, drawn from backups. Change your passwords (especially any pw's shared across sites) and bookmarks.

    -We're Back!

    It's been a while, but we're finally (mostly) back. The first thing you'll notice is that we're now at .click, so please adjust your bookmarks. For now the .bz domains are forwarding here, but that may not continue. See below for why.

    -Wait... something seems wrong. I'm missing ratio,
    and there's fewer torrents, and some conversations I was having are gone, and the torrents are all reporting errors! What gives?

    Unfortunately we've had to restore from offsite backups, the latest of which was from late January. Due to the domain migration you'll also need to redownload your torrents. You can get those here.

    -Okay, so what happened?

    A little over two weeks ago, our machines were mysteriously suspended. A trouble ticket was immediately launched to get things back online, but their reply was unexpected: suspected identity theft, servers offline for our protection. Most of us complied with all requests, but one senior staff was missing and unavailable. For days we tried unsuccessfully to reach him. Then the email contact at the provider changed to his account and shortly after our access to admin was cut off.

    This was alarming; was it our missing man working on the problem? We repeated attempts to contact him, and eventually he got back to us, but his answers were evasive and... weird. Still, he gave the impression that the downtime was temporary. This was about a week ago.

    -That doesn't sound entirely reassuring.

    It all seemed very sketchy to us, as changing passwords and locking teammates out of administrative panels etc didn't look like a 'mistake', it looked like someone either deliberately trying to destroy the sites or to lock us out so he could do something nefarious. Given the situation, the shuttering of access, his lack of communication or enthusiasm in getting the servers online, and the duration of downtime, it forced us to assume that it wasn't a mistake, but a deliberate measure and to react accordingly.

    At that point we moved to acquire new hosting, got IRC back online so there was a line of communication open, acquired a new and safe set of domains that he has no control over or access to, and set about restoring the site from the latest offsite backups. You're seeing the results of that labor.

    We may or may not get access to that old server. If we do, we can fill in the gaps the restoration from backups left. However, given the situation, we are forced to presume that this isn't a mistake and that the old servers, and the data on them, are no longer available to us.

    -That's not good. So now what?

    At this point, for your protection, we strongly recommend that everyone change their passwords, both on our sites and any others that use the same password. The data is encrypted so it's not an immediate danger, but better safe than sorry.

    -I donated, and my
    ratio is gone!

    Unfortunately, being locked out of the machines and pulling from backups means we don't have the very latest data, including your donations. If your transfer was recent, you may be able to reverse the charge. Older stuff you may be out of luck. In addition, if you provide proof of donation in admin mail we will do our best to extend your rightful credit to you. Skiff will be personally handling that, so send him a PM.

    -This all sucks!

    We agree, and we're working hard to get things back to normal. All the admins have been advised of the situation and know the score, hopefully the transition can be smooth and relatively hassle free for users.

    We also working on new ways for you to be able to donate, but it will take a little while. In the meantime we'll make sure noone is deactivated for ratio issues while we handle things.

    -So what's the deal with the new domains?

    As mentioned, we've been locked out of servers and administrative services. That includes control over the .bz domains. Unless someone has a sudden change of heart, those domains should be presumed lost... and if so, TeamBZ is dead. The .click TLD had all the domains we needed, plus the new name isn't half bad.

    Welcome to the (re)birth of The Click Group.

    Hopefully this opens up the situations for the ones that are not that aware of the situation!

    1. (Post : sites now back up... with some changes.)
    2. (Deleted post: TEAMBZ is dead. All BZ trackers moved to .click Official announcement fromTheOccult)

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    "Wait... something seems wrong. I'm missing ratio, and there's fewer torrents, and some conversations I was having are gone, and the torrents are all reporting errors! What gives?"

    Just a point of reference....most reading the above would assume that all their stats are gone. This is not the case..your stats will be what they were in January (or whatever the date of the backup was).

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    Obviously not ideal, but I am just glad they are back. Staff seems like they are working hard to rectify things also

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    Weird, there seems to be a power struggle or/and hostile takeover going on in .BZ / .CLICK groups.

    Both and (new home?) sites are up yet separate?

    So I log into both sites, and see different ratios, # of torrets etc.

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    From what I gathered, whoever usurped the bz domains has brought them back up, so some can log in to their bz accounts. However, these are different from the new click group, which are using backups from January. So, while I, like some users here who can log into their bz accounts, I am avoiding that and using the click domains. Of course, this means that I have lost any ratio built between January and the present; but I feel more secure with that than with an account that may be compromised. For a couple of the sites, I even had to use the IRC to get my accounts recreated on the click domains since I joined a couple of them after January. For the ones I joined earlier, I was able to maintain, for the most part, a good ratio. If anyone is in doubt how to handle things, I'd suggest their IRC.

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    pretty sure .click is the new domain because & is up, but is not.

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    @WesGrace Thanks for the links for the new domains! :)

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