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Thread: is down

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    I believe they're gone for good, citing their close relationship with what.

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    It's not known yet. Torrentfreak mention it in article discussing but currently there's no reason to say their linked and looking at the timing I'd say not

    Music Group Confirms What.CD Raid, Claims Millions in Losses - TorrentFreak

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    Unhappy this thread would suggest it's gone for good

    Found this thread on reddit that has some more context. Argh, was so awesome. I am deeply saddened. If any folks are out there, please please consider bringing it back.

    Del.ish in wake of shutdown : trackers

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    Default spawned out of with a few admins. With the current situation with what the admins are probably working overtime on protecting their asses. It's unlikely we will see deli go up until all of the dust settles, if ever.

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    I'm heartbroken to lose both and What at the same time!

    Where will I get my recipes from now?

    That said I have a good collection for upload if a similar site decides to start up!

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    Works for me

    Edit: Uh, that was cache. You are right it's not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitsofdoom View Post
    Seems to be down again.
    it's not down rather dead
    it was a side project from some staff at and with what this is also gone forever too and someone posted at reddit that they have confirmation from the owner that it's down permanently.

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    So sad any alternative Cooking torrent sites ?

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