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    Default MagBooks.Org – Great Release Blog For Magazine & E-Book

    he world of BitTorrent is yet to see a torrent tracker dedicated to magazines. True, lots of E-learning and library trackers such as Bibliotik carry plenty of magazine releases but there isn’t a private tracker on this planet which solely focuses on mags. This however is not the case with DDL forums and release blogs – we have already featured on this blog ‘Magazines Download’ and StoreMags, two specialized mags only DDL sites that index iPad and PC compatible electronic issues of modern magazines (see end of post for links to full reviews on these) . Today’s article is about yet another similar release blog for premium magazines in PDF format; MagBooks. MagBooks is one of the older DDL sites on the net and it’s been in operation since mid 2008. The site has kept the momentum going over the years and still indexes around 50 new magazine uploads every day.
    The content on MagBooks includes both magazines and E-books. Out of the site’s 9100+ releases, around 7500 are magazine uploads. It’s actually a pretty impressive collection of mags, ranging from premium, well known publications to somewhat lesser known issues some of which region specific. Each magazine is uploaded into multiple one click hosting services such as Filesonic, Hotfile, Depositfiles,, etc. Note that the Download links section is easy to miss – it is located at the bottom of each article, beneath the ‘You might also like’ section.
    Layout of MagBooks is nothing revolutionary but users should be able to figure their way around the site without much trouble. Note that most of the site’s usability functions including search, browse by category, browse by date, etc are located in the rightmost sidebar (with other sidebars mostly catering to advertisements). Basic layout resembles that of a regular release blog, with recently uploaded magazines displayed on homepage. Each upload has a separate detailed description page, where the download links are located.

    MagBooks maintains a social media presence both via its FaceBook page and a Twitter feed. Additionally, RSS feeds are also available both for posts and comments. Note that registration on MagBooks is not required for downloading – all links are visible even to guests.
    Site Name & Homepage: MagBooks (
    Twitter Feed:
    Facebook Page:
    RSS Feed:


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    looks cool, but the spyware and adware is atrocious. be careful peeps

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    Default Re: MagBooks.Org – Great Release Blog For Magazine & E-Book

    Thanks! I do agree with DataMungus, but it still has a bunch of stuff that I want. Thanks again :D

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