rutorrent create a torrent issue

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    Default rutorrent create a torrent issue

    Create a torrent in rutorrent was working till today. what happens is, i add all the info in create a torrent, click create, and it just idles. Not sure whats going on, very annoying... any help would be awesome. the topTop

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    make sure your cofig file for the create plugin is correct. i suggest using mktorrent or buildtorrent and in the config for that if you do you also have to set it in the confige file for example if you use mktorrent and set the path as well in the config

    $useExternal = 'mktorrent';
    $pathToCreatetorrent = '/usr/local/bin/mktorrent';

    hope this helps
    I Love TI the topTop

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    If you are attempting to create a .torrent file from a very large file (~5gb) and you have mktorrent as your client, it will not work. Rutorrent will just stall in this case.
    Use buildtorrent instead.

    Otherwise, it could just be that xmlrpc is slow to respond because your server is too busy.
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    "cofig file for the create plugin is correct" not sure what you mean, i'm not using any plugins, just using whatever was preconfigured on my seedbox. I"ve never downloaded any plugins, and its worked fine up till today. If there are plugins you can add, where can i get them, or are they already installed i just have to enable them.

    Thanks again for the quick responses. the topTop

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    You said it was working fine before and then it just stopped, assuming nobody modified or upgraded your server, then it should be something else and not the plugin itself.

    What kind of files are you attempting to create a .torrent file from? Do they have weird characters in their filenames? Are there subfolders that are nested deep relative to the parent directory where you're creating .torrent file from?
    It could be that mktorrent/buildtorrent is failing to create the .torrent file and it's not spitting out an error message that rutorrent can process, so it just sits there and wait.

    But if your rutorrent was upgraded, it's possible that some of the configuration files have been overwritten. the topTop

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    I find that a restart of ruTorrent every once in a while doesn't hurt either, but in general the bigger the file the longer it will take.
    Cheers the topTop

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    It's still not working, Here's the steps to create a torrent in rutorrent:

    Click create torrent
    Select Source
    Torrent Properties
    Piece Size
    Click private torrent and start seeding
    Then i click create

    Its worked up till today. The file i'm trying to upload is only 30mb, so size isn't the issue. Nobody answers me on whatbox irc chan, i filled out a support ticket, no answer, its been like 12 hrs. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of using a seedbox if you can't upload to it.. lol the topTop

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    You can't restart rutorrent(unless you mean the httpd?), you can restart rtorrent though. Also, you can only change these settings if you have SSH access to your seedbox to perform the necessary configurations.

    If so:
    compiling mktorrent:
    mktorrent - Create BitTorrent metainfo files from command line
    look for the build recommendations but disable PTHREADS when compiling.

    compiling builtorrent:
    buildtorrent-0.8 released :: ClaudiusMaximus

    buildtorrent is a lot more straight forward.

    Then go to your /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/create/conf.php file and change the settings mentioned by COD.
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    Retired and happy :) the topTop

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    Yep rtorrent i can restart and i don't have SSH access. I'm just wondering if this is a common problem, or somebody who has had it and resolved the issue.
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    It could also be that there are no more space left in the /tmp directory. The create torrent plugin uses it to temporarily create .torrent files. If you don't see this "Try to correct torrent file..." or this "Error." message in the message box after you click create .torrent tlhen it's an indication that it hasn't gone pass the create a folder stage in /tmp yet. Your best bet is to have your seedbox provider check it out for you since you don't have ssh access. the topTop

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