How to enable Stereo 3D on any 120 Hz display using NVIDIA 3D Vision

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    Default How to enable Stereo 3D on any 120 Hz display using NVIDIA 3D Vision

    Steps to "Enable Stereoscopic 3D" in Nvidia Control Panel for unsupported monitors/projectors?

    1. Install the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers and then Nvidia 3D Vision drivers.

    2. Remove VGA pin 12 (SDA) out of VGA cable to stop EDID (DDC-Serial data). Check if monitor detected as "Non-Plug and Play Monitor" in Device Manager.

    3. Device manager --> Monitor --> Uninstall driver ticking "Delete the driver software for this device". Then Manually force update the monitor driver with file "Acer_H5360.inf" and restart PC.

    4. Desktop right click --> Screen resolution --> "1.Display device on: VGA". Here if it shows the "DELL S300" name, then Dell EDID value was read from registry. In this case, repeat step 3.

    5. Open regedit. Search and find "StereoVisionConfirmed". Change the DWORD value from 0 to 1. Save and exit.
    The path for Windows7 x64 would probably be [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D]
    Also, StereoViewerType=1
    StereoRefreshRate=120 (decimal)

    6. Open Nvidia Control Panel --> Change resolution --> 1280x720 @ 120 Hz.
    If it is unavailable in list, add two custom resolutions as below and then choose b. 120 Hz.
    (a) 1280x720, 60 Hz, 32 bit, Progressive
    (b) 1280x720, 120 Hz, 32 bit, Progressive

    7. In Nvidia Control Panel --> Setup Stereoscopic 3D --> Tick 'Enable Stereoscopic 3D'.
    If setup wizard starts, then screen resolution changes to unsupported and becomes totally blank. Press 'Windows' key - Screen becomes visible; Right click on taskbar --> Task Manager --> Endtask the 3D Stereo Setup wizard.

    8. Check if tick is still present in "Enable Stereoscopic 3D". Change Monitor type to "Generic CRT display" below.

    9. Click "Test Stereoscopic 3D" --> Resolution=1280 by 720, Antialiasing=4X, Refresh rate=120 Hertz, Apply this refresh rate to all games --> Apply --> Launch Test Application. See NVIDIA logo in 3D. Apply, Ok and you are done enabling 3D stereo driver.

    10. With some uncertified monitors you may have to wear the 3D glasses upside-down as Nvidia has removed the 'Invert stereo' option from the 3D control panel. Still, many 3D Stereoscopic Photo/Video players have swap Left/Right option to wear it normal.

    11. Use 'Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player' or 'Stereoscopic Player' to watch 3D Stereoscopic movies.
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    Default Re: How to enable Stereo 3D on any 120 Hz display using NVIDIA 3D Vision

    Without getting into specifics, this does not work on 3D-capable laptop monitors, have been trying to force 3D to be enabled on this laptop using a 485M instead of a 460M, option still won't enable even with the ACER driver.

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    hi there.

    This information is in good detail for a person like me....but still not enough for me as I am still unsuccessful I have Asus G74SX 3D enable laptop.....which i have bought it recently ,,,,,,I have been trying to watch movies on it ...bear in mind movies are downloaded forom internet torrent in 3D.....they are in split screen ....I have glasses followed ur steps apart from step 3 I thought I have 3D ready laptop therefor that step might not apply on me....however I can play 3D games no problem at all....have all software updated....but cant watch 3D movies also when i go on nividia website and tend to watch 3D youtube so there are 2 boxes that remain yellow but I have downloaded firefox so one box is green but another is still yellow and wudnt let me watch 3d youtube either.....dont know whats going on ....quite feduo of it....pls pls pls help me...if u know any thing...!!!!!! Thanks


    ---------- Post added at 09:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:39 PM ----------

    one box which is green means I have current firefox ...but yellow box says "you do not have stereo currently enabled" please enable stereo if you wish to watch stereo content........................bloody stereo is enabled dont know what have i missed....:OOOOOOO

    ---------- Post added 01-09-2012 at 12:27 PM ---------- Previous post was 01-08-2012 at 09:44 PM ----------

    hello there,

    just recent update for you ....I tried to delete the monitor driver mentioned in step3 and install H5360.....that is mentioned in ur note...but it is just a doc file...there is no driver there to install....however the monitior in device manager is still not showing .....but 3D is working both with games and movies,,,,,,but still my problem is there cant get rid of split screen.......???? I can watch 3D videos on nividia website I mean those little trailors and stuff but cant watch 3D downloaded movies......any help??

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