Comic Books Tracker anywhere?

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    Default Comic Books Tracker anywhere?

    So, I'm trying to get going on a collection of comic books, I used to buy sperman but then i lost interest.

    Recently I've came across the whole collection of the superman comic books the issuesthat begun in the late 30's, and then I sank in the subject and come up with this hobbie of mine trying to get a chronologically organized collection of the main DC Characters and teams.

    But unfortunatly when i tried to find them, they were nowhere to be found.

    So, can anyone give me some pointers of good places to find comic books?

    Thanks in advance. the topTop

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    shadowbuild Guest


    ComicBT ( CBT ) is one of the largest ( if not the largest ) private trackers specialized for comic book today now if you are asking where to find certain material that is a big no no on TI the topTop

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    I know, i was asking in the porpuse of getting options not looking for something specific, that I will do on my own as this is no place to be searching, that's search engines.. :P ahah

    Thanks for the tip mate, I will look into it. ;) the topTop

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    I know that Waffles (music tracker) also has lots of comics. the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by metabolism View Post
    I know that Waffles (music tracker) also has lots of comics.
    I also read something about that site having bunches of comics, my friend told me he could get me one invite to waffle but he never told me anything more, probably he doesn't have none for now.. =P the topTop

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    shadowbuild Guest


    okay starting to get off topic here so I am going to assume this has been ask and answered and closing thread the topTop

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