PinoyTorrents (Filipino torrents, English site)

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    Default PinoyTorrents (Filipino torrents, English site)


    PinoyTorrents (Filipino torrents, English site)

    No requirements. I trust you are an honest seeder.
    During registration, some parts may be in Filipino;
    just use Google Translate to help you out.
    ----- is an English torrent site that offers Filipino/Pinoy torrents (movies, TV shows, ebooks, music).
    There are hardly any x-rated content in this site, though there are adult-themed movies once in a while.

    Occasionally, English media are also made available.

    ( tracker info )

    2011-01-07_082012 pinoytorrents info by geff_chang, on Flickr

    ( cropped file listing )

    2011-01-07_074338 PinoyTorrents screen by geff_chang, on Flickr

    ( sample movie )

    2011-01-07_082856 pinoytorrents petrang kabayo by geff_chang, on Flickr
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21
    Last edited by geff_chang; February 22nd, 2011 at 06:20 AM.

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    Anybody interested in Filipino media?
    Christian materials can also be found in PinoyTorrents. :)
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21

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    hi there im also a filipino up for you and can you give me an invite?
    Hashed IP Address : c2234cb72e9fcaed25c0b10942f6c74eb67d0e31

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    Hello there, PokeyIchi. Kumusta?
    Please PM me your email address. :D

    Quote Originally Posted by PokeyIchi View Post
    hi there im also a filipino up for you and can you give me an invite?
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21

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    Bumping, in case somebody's still interested in a Pinoy Torrent,
    which also has English content. :)
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21

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    Need an invite? Post&PM here. :)
    Hashed IP Address : b7e02f26df3c668fd7d6fce55fdf4c4a3e0eb20e

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    Default Hi

    i really like filipino MOVIE c/with english subtitles, can u tell me how to download it? should i get a invite or what? thanks, advise me please..
    Hashed IP Address : cef2c2105731f2e81a23b2f29af728edc71cd304

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    Sorry viviann3y, I don't have invites at the moment.
    Will update this thread. >_<
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21

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    Can I have an invite please?
    Hashed IP Address : b137276ca963ca637ef6f1b76819055c3050774a

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    Registrations are free at the moment. :: Tignan natin kung talagang Pilipino ka !!

    But registration process is in filipino;
    just use Google Translate if you can't understand Filipino.
    Hashed IP Address : 24a88314bdcb238cbf765209d73cc315095c5d21

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