I'm looking for a porno tracker

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    Default I'm looking for a porno tracker


    I'm looking for a private porno tracker, does anyone know one?

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    I haven't tried downloading any, but IPT has some and IPT is easy to keep a good ratio on.
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    fux0r is the best. gud archieves in SCC.My question is how much of it actually need it.
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    i am active on torrent-sites, yet, i have a girlfriend :001_tt2::001_tt2:
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    i know puretna ...

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    pussytorent is a good tracker,
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    Try Pussytorrents. Its the only porn tracker i know, but is a good one. ;)
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    Try having a look at the tracker reviews and sorting by Genre - http://www.torrent-invites.com/track...tml#post429053

    This way you can have a read to see if the tracker suits your needs.
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    Pussytorrents is only for that, sometimes they open signup. Scc is good too, but here you really need an invite.
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