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Thread: Newest Work

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    So yea I have been gone a while and finally back in photoshop :D.
    Anyways a gaming site(Lethal Talent Gaming) asked me to make them a new banner. I had to conform to there font and size so it can be better I guess and fixed slightly but I think it turned out nice. You guys be the judge :D

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    shadowbuild Guest


    looks good you think you can make me an avatar as I need to change mines due to becoming Exalted

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    I like the steel work with the red that makes it look freshly melted. The background texture is nice but I don't understand how it fairs in contrast with the steel, though over all it is very appealing the "L" looks like the loner :P

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    was very good the idea, but we go to my suggestions.

    1 - this red seems a bit saturated

    2 - if that and a letter L, which was separate ? (if not it was legal but if L is a best guess centralize the letter T)

    3 - also reduce the stock that gave the evidence, this does not seem to interact well with the BG

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