New TI v3 Banner Request (VIP PRIZE)

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    Default New TI v3 Banner Request (VIP PRIZE)

    So we shall collate and concentrate graphical effort here ;D

    Please post your submissions.

    The new theme we are thinking of using is.... vBulletin 4 Infinium Demo

    So make sure your banners are good color match for that.

    The banner may be up to 990x175 pixels.

    The below is a sample background you will need to use.

    UPDATE: VIP Prize for whomever's banner is used on T-I v3!
    PM me at your own peril.

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    EDIT: made another one, more space like

    my fav:

    any ideas/suggestions PM me :)

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    I am not the designer but tried my best to do something for T-I...
    Note: I am ready to upload these banners on file sharing-sites like mediafire cause I noticed that sometimes it looks crispy and dirty & unfortunately original quality/clarity seems poor/dull due to loading(may be the reason). staff's advice is welcome.

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    also tried something

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    A little something of my creation

    My Favorite
    btw, I can add here the "v.3" as well...
    It's just looks better without it.
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    looks sick, nice banners to go along for sure. is Vb4 that much different? the topTop

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    Wazup fellow T-I members,

    Here is an idea I had:

    My Fall semester is officially completed, so I will probably be submitting more of my ideas later.

    Update #1:

    Update #2:

    Update #3:

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    God i got such an great Idea but got no cs4 installed at the moment gona do it tomorrow, hope you'll like it.

    Here you go:

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    shadowbuild Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by A TEAM View Post
    Wazup fellow T-I members,

    Here is an idea I had:

    My Fall semester is officially completed, so I will probably be submitting more of my ideas later.

    Update #1:

    I really like the cockpit one it looks awesome the topTop

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