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Thread: AstroShowcase

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    Default AstroShowcase

    So, for anyone that is interested, here is most of the stuff I've created over the years (some of this is recent). I'll gladly take requests if anyone wants anything.

    What You Can Request:

    *Note: Some of these were much larger originally.

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    Some of them are really pretty, wonderful color selection.
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    very good friend, ammonia between bg and render, lighting, excellent shielding, just missed on some of the typography, his art very good congratulations

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    You got some skills.I really loved that signatures and banners.

    I wanted to request an avatar and signature.I want an big size avatar.(don't know the size).(I think the vip users here use the big size avatar).

    I want you to use your skills and creativity to make an avatar for me.

    I don't have a pic for my avatar,But I like some dark devil kind of avatars.
    And yes I would love it if it has some kind of animation.

    I would love the avatar if it matches my name (which I have PM'd you).

    I also want my name(not T-I name) on my avatar and signature.

    I will PM you my name , I want to use it on my avatar and signature.

    If you have a different pic or something else ,I would love to try.

    If you want to ask me anything do not hesitate ,just pm me.


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    Wow some of the backgrounds look like graffiti work, the flares really have a good glow to them and the guy with glasses and armor have many variations of color contrast the fit seamlessly and I like the angle of brightness filled into the image. Great art!

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    Ah, thanks everyone. I've been having internet problems and haven't been able to fill requests lately. But I'll get on that right now.

    @Act2fool, sorry, but I honestly can't do any animation in signatures. I'll make you a sig though that will hopefully represent what you want.

    As for everyone else, thanks for the support, : D

    All requests have been completed! Hope you all enjoy them, : D
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