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    Default IPTorrents (IPT) Review

    Tracker name:
    IPTorrents.com :: Where Speed Speaks

    Signup URL:Only by donation on the same page

    Tracker type:General

    Well,IPT is a big tracker in all terms.Huge activity on the forum,huge speeds down/up,a big number of torrents in the browse page,a lot of freelech,good pretimes and it's very easy to get in.This tracker includes everything from music,games,movies and even software.


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    Torrent categories:


    General rules:

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    Invite system:
    Power Users get 3 invites per month.

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    Ratings & Personal Commentary:
    This is a tracker where you can find anything you want fast.The speeds are great and the forum is a nice place to hang out.The number of members is big as the seeds/leechs and the number of torrents.Definately deserves it's place especially because is so easy to get in.

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    Nice one but you or whoever are incorrect about content not only does IPT have the most torrents near 3 times that of TL. It has great pre-times and also some torrents you cannot get elsewhere. If ever a tracker rated a 5/5 IPT would have to come in first.
    Also it's correct easy to get in but for now. There is talk that IPT is going to make invites much less to the members when that happens it will become one of the most sought after trackers in the torrent community. So you heard it first here you better get in while you can I sure it will happen next year sometime. I just love this tracker and the great community it has.
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    Great review and great tracker. It is my most used tracker as of right now and you can't go wrong joining IPT. They have a lot of content and freeleech so keeping a ratio is not hard at all. :)
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    I registered few days back and i can say that big + for this site is huge amoutn of torrents, have never seen so much un one tracker. I think here you can find anything you need. Speed is good too. For now i would say 7/10.
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    hell loads of content.We can find almost everything here.Speed is also pretty gud. The best thing about IPT is seeding is easy.
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    Brilliant Tracker

    Just joined TL few weeks ago and even tho I use both I still prefer IPT to TL
    They just need to make it a bit more private and more selective - weed out
    the cheaters and scammers too !!
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    the most great tracker ever, great pre-times and large number of seeders with high speed. has a great content of everything specially softwares I can't find at any tracker else.

    ust joined TL few weeks ago and even tho I use both I still prefer IPT to TL
    They just need to make it a bit more private and more selective - weed out
    the cheaters and scammers too !!
    I agree ;-)
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    IPT is currently my favorite tracker.

    1) The Website is pretty fast and intuitive
    2) A ton of Freeleech and there is even an entire Forum Thread devoted to showing the members all the Freeleech
    3) Easy to maintain a good ratio.
    4) IPT has very similar content to TorrentLeech, so it is good for Cross Seeding
    5) If you like to marathon TV Series, IPT is great because a lot of their TV Packs are Freeleech.
    6) The tracker is almost never down

    The only negative is that the forum could use a bit of a face lift. It just seems kind of dull and unwelcoming.

    I would choose this tracker over any tracker I am currently a member of and that includes TL and HDBits.org.
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    i like ipt because its easy to maintain but i dont like some of the uploads since they can have multiple releases for the same files. also the site is a bit slow and needs an update visually :-D.
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    Very FAST releases, very FAST up speeds !

    And for people that normally have problems seeding, i can say that is not very difficult to seed/maintain good ratio

    Everyone should give a run for it :)
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