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Thread: iPhone Theme

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    Default iPhone Theme

    Welcome fellow T-I community members and fellow designers,

    I originally posted this announcement in the iPhone forum, but I felt this is a relevant place for it as well.

    I am pleased to announce that my new theme was finally released in Cydia yesterday. This is a theme I created for the iPhone in anticipation of my Animated Short-Film titled C.H.A.O.S., which will be released next year. If you have a JB iPhone be sure to check it out in Cydia. It is called, 'The_CHAOS_Theme'. You can find it under 'Changes' in Cydia by scrolling down to it, or you can search for it by name making sure to include the underscore mark.

    Here is a link for more information:ModMyi.com | The_CHAOS_Theme

    Of course, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and support through leaving a donation is welcomed and appreciated.

    Last of all, I hope you enjoy it!

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    Awesome theme bro! Everyone grab your iphones, and download C.H.A.O.S!!!

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    That's really cool man, makes me want to jailbreak my 32gb iPhone 4.

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    Thanx for the comments HankHill and Rothardan.

    HankHill: If you do JB your iPhone I hope you enjoy The_CHAOS_Theme.
    A TEAM

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    updated software on my iphone and cant JB it :(

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    Wazup osmunger,

    I sent you a PM, but if you updated your iOS to the newest release of 4.1 then you should be able to use LimeRa1n to JB it again, as that is what's being used right now.

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    Job done mate, thanks a million....what a great place this is

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    Awesome. thanks for sharing

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    You are so very welcome osmunger and Pac, as that is what I am here for. I hope you guys enjoy the theme and feel free to comment or leave a donation for support.

    A TEAM

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    I am pleased to announce that my iPhone theme 'The_CHAOS_Theme' has had an overall great response amongst the iPhone Mod Community. Recently, I have updated my theme to v1.0.1, which includes a different LockScreen and Wallpaper image along with a different WiFi symbol. Please be sure to check it out and feel free to leave a donation or comment.

    A TEAM

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