How to improve ration in waffles

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    Default How to improve ration in waffles

    I started this tracker 20h ago.
    I downloaded some albums but nobody is taking from me.
    I didn't find any free leech. How can I make my ratio positive? ALl the other trackers I don't have any trouble...but waffles is really hard.... the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    You can follow subkar tips to improve your ratio.
    Thank you for your answer....although I am shocked
    I should download things that I dont need?
    Wow I guess I wont least long on this tracker, I just find it stupid to donwload things just to waste space on my hard disk the topTop

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    To find freeleech torrents, type "is:free" in the search bar. Almost every day new freeleech torrents are added. Using only these torrents will help you boost your ratio in the long run. You just have to let them seeding for weeks, not just hours or days. the topTop

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    Also waffles does have freeleech torrents, just enter " is:free " in search bar.
    And as mentioned above you need to download some stuff you don't need in order to get a nice buffer. I also gained almost 20 GB upload by uploading 2 windows applications ( ~4GB each) .
    And you can get 24 hours freeleech from shop / or another user can buy freeleech for you. ( in this case downloading more newly added torrents is a MUST , and you can snatch everything you need in those 24 hours ).

    “It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance. It is the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance. It is the one who won't be taken who cannot seem to give. And the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.” the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma78 View Post
    the best route is to upload files that are not currently on there.
    Just be sure you understand the uploading rules and type & source ripping rules. These formats are always allowed:

    1. MP3 V0
    2. MP3 V2
    3. MP3 320 kbps CBR
    4. FLAC with Log/Cue

    I wouldn't worry too much about ratio since you're just starting out but concentrate more on not digging yourself into a hole you can't get out of.

    Have you read the site docs yet? The ratio's aren't even that hard to maintain and you don't even have to worry about ratio until you've downloaded 5 GB:

    For additional help, log in and follow this link
    Missing since March 3rd: If anyone has heard from our Japanese friend Oki, and knows if he is okay, please PM JustJenna. Thank you. the topTop

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    thats what my problem was on waffles.. downloaded around four albums and left them seeding but my ratio never went up so i became banned :( the topTop

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    Thanks for this, just need some GB to be PU :) the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    You can follow subkar tips to improve your ratio.

    Thank You for all your help..i really need it..:)

    Thanks again.:) the topTop

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    I find that downloading new stuff in waffles even though I don't need it is a good way to discover new music. You never know, maybe you will find a band/artist that you will like. the topTop

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