How to check whether your PC is hacked

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    Default How to check whether your PC is hacked

    Hi! I'm Steven,I'm a software engineer.In today's world it is estimated that atleast 10 computers are hacked and taken control off every single hour.
    this is a simple guide to see if your PC has a direct connection to any ip or server!

    1. First or all, close IE, msn, uTorrent etc. (not anti-virus) Anything that may have a direct connection to the net.

    2. Open Cmd ("command prompt" if u cant find it go to "run" and then type in "cmd" or just make a search for cmd)

    3. Now when you've cmd opened, type in "netstat -ano"
    Now u should have lot's of ip's on cmd. At the right side, look for where it says ”ESTABLISHED" The other's (LISTENING, TIME_WAIT etc) are not important. Just the "ESTABLISHED" dude has a direct contact to your PC

    4. At the very right side of cmd u see PID (process id) Look for the "ESTABLISGED" connections PID.

    5. Open "Task manager" (Press "Ctrl + Shift + Esc", the faster way or just "Alt+ Ctrl + Del")

    6. Go to Process > Show > Choose column and check the "PID" box, and press ok. Now the process-ID should appear same as it was in cmd.
    Now look for the same "PID" which said "ESTABLISGED in Cmd and find it's process name. In my case the subject was "Java client" this time But if you find anything suspicious just kill the process and that's it. you can also trace them if you like.

    I hope this helps you a bit. If you can't catch up or have any comments
    reply down and I'll look forward to help you.Thanks!
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    Wooh never know that we can simply press ctrl+shift+esc for task manager real cool bud.. :D

    oh and nice tutorial but I think this is in wrong section tutorial is the right section you can just move the thread by using thread tools... :)

    <3 to all My friends here and thx to all who helped me..
    I am more awesome than ScottK .

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    Thank you man, very nice tutorial. PID is a very nice function of taskbar and I also did not know the other way for task manager.

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    shadowbuild Guest


    very interesting and I also did not know that you could get to your task manager in this manner thanks for the heads up

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    Really simple way to be safe. And also i never saw before Ctrl + Shift + Esc , it's cool man! Thanks a lot!

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    you can also trace them if you like.

    How can I ?


    Half Angel, half Demon, has fear of the Gods and is feared by the mortals The Veritas is the truth and only truth. No blade can turn him from his way, no wind is strong enough to stop him. Watching from above, he knows everything. He is NOT the greatest but the mightiest, the awesome Exalted !!!

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    Nice tut, I too would like to know how to trace them.

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    Nice and best tut from geeky so far. Anyway, you may give some warning about not to kill important system process like "svchost" and "System" itself because sometimes people can be scared of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas View Post
    How can I ?
    Honestly I just said there are possibilities of tracing but i Don't know how to trace as it's a bit complicated and requires a lot of computing knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas View Post
    How can I ?
    WHOIS Lookup and Domain Name Search |

    This will give you a general idea of who it is, where they are located, or what isp they are using. With the IP address I imagine you can call the company or provider of address and ask them what's going on. :)

    Edit: Aye! how rude of me. Redbull thank you for the great info. Good knowledge!
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