How to change Audio Codec of MKV video file?

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    Default How to change Audio Codec of MKV video file?

    I have all these 1080p x264 rips encoded with the DTS audio codec. Unfortunately my DLNA client (LG LED LCD TV) does not support this audio codec! It supports AC3, however.

    Anybody know how I can "reencode" or change the audio to AC3? Do I have to reeconde the entire file, including video, or can I just do audio?

    Any help is appreciated, I'm a noob when it comes to this sort of thing.


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    Here are some guides I found. I haven't tried either of them, but they seem okay.

    For windows: Convert DTS to AC3 - AfterDawn: Guides

    For Mac: Convert your MKV with DTS Audio to AC3 Audio on the Mac | My Media Delivered

    Let me know how it goes.

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    Hey.. Just simply use a mkv video converter. While you are converting you can change the audio codec to AC3.

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    1.Demux the audio with MKVExtractGUI
    2.Convert the *.dts to *.ac3 with yr_eac3to_more_gui
    3.Mux the *.ac3 back in the .mkv

    This way is fast and easy

    Enjoy the movie

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    Gate.7 is right. It might sound a bit complicated, but it's not. Also that software has the advantage of being portable, meaning you will not clutter your windows with files all over the place. Also, it's really quick, no matter the processor speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gate.7 View Post
    1.Demux the audio with MKVExtractGUI
    2.Convert the *.dts to *.ac3 with yr_eac3to_more_gui
    3.Mux the *.ac3 back in the .mkv

    This way is fast and easy

    Enjoy the movie
    This. The program doesn't look pretty and opens up a command prompt to run but I have personal experience and it works well. Let me know if you need any help.

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    try to use PopCorn MKV AudioConverter.

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    Default Re: How to change Audio Codec of MKV video file?

    hi can anyone help me out i am not sure how to use

    sny help would be greatly appreciated

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    I'm a multimedia expert and frequent encoder

    If these tutorials and such didn't help you much, I can offer LOADS of knowledge, and more if you pm me. (I also have msn and AIM I can add you on)

    For now, you can do it one of two ways

    #1 - Download format factory, choose all to mkv, choose your video
    Next, in the video parameters, choose "Copy" instead of h264, xvid, etc.
    In the audio parameters, choose your format, bitrate, etc.
    If you want a proper DTS to AC3 conversion, choose AC3, 6 channels, 48000 Hz sample rate, and 384kbps for good quality, 448kbps for great quality, and 640kbps for maximum, but the AC3 format can only support a maximum of 6channels at 640kbps, so do not choose any higher
    (I reccomend 384 or 448 kbps using format factory)

    The 2nd way is much more complex, but will get you involved in the more "advanced" techniques such as demuxing and repacking

    Download MKVmergeGUI
    Add your file, a white box on the GUI interface will fill up showing all the video, audio, chapters, and subtitle streams.
    Only check the video stream box, (you may check subtitles/chapter streams if you wish, but not the audio stream)
    Click merge (or whatever the window says) You will now have an MKV file without audio
    Now, uncheck all the boxes on the MKVmergeGUI, and check only the audio stream, click merge
    You will now have a 2nd audio-only MKV file
    Download MKVtoMP4
    Add the audio MKV to the MKVtoMP4 interface
    Change all the settings, uncheck "enable aac" disable all the audio settings, except for "add AC3 track"
    Choose whatever AC3 parameters you wish, and click start (or whatever it says) on the main screen
    You will end up with an mp4 or m4v audio-only file, AC3 format

    Open MKVmergeGUI again, add your video-only MKV file, and add your new mp4 or m4v audio only file.
    Check all the boxes for every stream, and merge

    VOILA! You have your new file.

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