Where To Find Football World Cup 2010 Torrents, Direct Download & Streaming Links

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    Default Where To Find Football World Cup 2010 Torrents, Direct Download & Streaming Links

    i find this great articole on :FILEnetworks Blog: Where To Find Football World Cup 2010 Torrents, Direct Download & Streaming Links

    In just a few hours from now on, the football world cup 2010 will kick off in South Africa. Needless to say this is a major sporting event of the year and has already captured the attention of millions football fans worldwide. All football matches in the tournament will be broadcast live on premium sports channels and to tell the truth a live TV broadcast should be easily accessible to folks in most countries in the world. However, what if you want to download full match videos or highlights of WC 2010 matches and watch them on your computer? What if you prefer watching matches on your PC using live streaming as opposed to watching them on TV? If you are troubled by these questions – perhaps this article might help. It lists 6 sites you can use to download WC 2010 football matches, highlights (torrents or direct download links) as well as sites that provide live streaming links for all world cup matches.

    Site Name: MaxXeD (http://www.fbtz.com)
    Signup URL: MaXxed Football Forums - Forum Rules
    Description: MaXXeD is one of the most popular online direct download link forums for all Football related content. You can find and download full Football matches (both new and classics), match highlights, TV shows and other related videos (some in high definition formats). Additionally, it has an excellent discussions section in the forums which attracts many hard core football fans. Expect full WC 2010 coverage on this site.
    Stats: 24000+ members
    Full Review: [Click Here]

    Site Name: MYP2P (http://www.myp2p.eu)
    Signup URL: MyP2P.eu :: Free Live Sports on your PC, Live Football, MLB, NBA, NHL and more... (Optional)
    Description: MyP2P is one of the best sites on the web for online sports streaming. It does not stream any video content off its own servers however it indexes working video streams from various parts of the web for a particular sports event. For MyP2P’s World Cup 2010 schedule, look here.
    Stats: N/A
    Full Review: [Click Here] – This is a pretty old review written in 2008.
    The Box

    Site Name: The Box (http://www.thebox.bz)
    Signup URL: TheBox (signups occasionally open – check back in regular intervals)
    Description: This popular British TV Show torrent tracker will have full WC 2010 coverage with it’s own cappers (capture and encode from TV sources such as satellite television) and unique uploads. They even have several site competitions related to Football World Cup at the moment.
    Stats: 85000+ users and 56000+ torrents
    Full Review: [Click Here]
    Sport Torrent

    Site Name: Sport Torrent (http://www.sporttorrent.com)
    Signup URL: Sport Torrent .::. Index->Signup
    Description: Sport Torrent is a private tracker for football (soccer), basketball and boxing torrents. ST operates its own BitTorrent tracker but registration is optional to download files, making it a semi private tracker. Includes some publicly tracked torrents as well. Some of the torrents by Sport Torrent can also be found on MaXXeD forum (above).
    Full Review: N/A
    Footy Torrents

    Site Name: Footy Torrents (http://www.footytorrents.co.uk)
    Signup URL: Footy Torrents - Football Matches & Highlights -Signups are currently closed but they might open up according to their Twitter account (If you have an account on NHLTorrents, you can use the same credentials to log into FT). You may have created an account when we posted about this tracker couple of months ago, when it was constantly open.
    Description: Footy Torrents is a specialized football tracker from NHLTorrents Crew. There is a lot of unique content indexed here that’s not found on most generic sports trackers. If you are a football enthusiast, this is a must have BitTorrent tracker.
    Stats: 37000+ users & 2000+ torrents
    Full Review: [Click Here]

    Site Name: Sport-Scene (http://www.sport-scene.net)
    Signup URL: Sport-Scene.net - Your ultimate sport source! (Signups are occasionally open – if you get current user limit full message, check back later – you’ll eventually get in)
    Description: Sport Scene is one of the best specialized sports trackers around. It probably tracks the most number of sports torrents on any BitTorrent tracker (private or public). Expect full WC 2010 coverage on Sport-Scene.
    Stats: 8300+ users and 10800+ torrents
    Full Review : [Click Here]
    Of course, there are just a few of the many sites that’ll have Football World Cup 2010 video content. If your favorite site is not listed, feel free to share it in the comments section. Please do not directly link to any torrents, DDL links, streaming links etc – link to the site only.

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    For American fans, torrents.huntparkinsider.com will have pretty much anything youre looking for. Not just this WC, but plenty of old USA games too.

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    Also a Number of Scene Grps are doing Match of the Day Highlights and Full Games. Would appear on everyone's 0-day trackers like SCC.


    Great site as well. Its the old SoccerPulse community.

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    also freshon.tv added a new categorie just for world cup

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    What about live streaming to pc / media player?
    Anyone have any links?

    edit: also XNT.NU has all things world cup as freeleech!
    Last edited by Sigma9; June 12th, 2010 at 02:12 PM.

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    which sites have the world cup in 1080p?

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    1080p,why are you looking for it,ı have never seen it but 720p is so much in everywhere,it is unneccessary of course it is my opinion

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    Funfile.Org has freeleech on all World Cup events. Though it is encoded from HDTV source, the torrents are not HD. The typical bitrates are as follows:

    Video XviD, 1429Kbps, 25 fps, 624x352
    Audio MP3, 134Kbps, 2ch

    If anyone would like an invite, please visit this thread.

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    HDClub.org presents all the matches in HD (1920x1080 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-4 AVC, ~11,8 Mbps avg) on russian language and they are free leech.

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    A friend of my showed me one of the footytorrents.co.uk internal releases. It was at 720p, around 6Mbps at 60fps. Great encode if you ask me.

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