OVH/kimsufi now in Canada and USA

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    Default OVH/kimsufi now in Canada and USA

    So, I just found out that you buy from OVH/Kimsufi if you are in the US or Canada at (Kimsufi - your range of dedicated servers from €14.99 p/m !). So I am starting this thread to see if anyone would be interested in getting in on a Q-1t kimsufi server with me? I am asking since the setup fee is a too much for me to to pay on my own. If there were 3 of us, it would work out to be 46 euros for the first month and then 26 each month after. I do not think that there is a reseller that can beat this price for a gig box with 3 people on it getting ~300 gigs of storage each. I know it would be cheaper than the 35 pounds I currently pay the topTop

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    I'm currently doing the same thing with a 100 Mbit box, with 500 Gb.

    What you need to be sure about is that all the users pay each month, and you have to talk who will use which trackers, because you cant seed the same torrent to the same tracker.

    The big advantage though, is that user A can leech the torrent, and the 2 others can proffit, by only seeding to their trackers when A completed.

    So, i think it wouldnt hurt if you made a list off the applications you are planning on installing, and the trackers you are a member of. the topTop

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    The one user per tracker statement is not true, otherwise shared seedboxes would not be allowed. Also the hard drive would probably be partitioned. Application wise, I was thinking rtorrent, maybe utorrent. However right now this is an interest check. the topTop

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    Well maybe Im still new in the seedbox world. As I am on my first seedbox. What the other user said is true to a certain extent. If you guys were on 1 ip address, sharing a gbit box, you would have be selective to which torrents u choose. U cant be on the same tracker, downloading, or uploading the same torrent. They are going to think duplicate accounts, and possible ban. Now if you are sharing a seedbox with 3 different ip address, you would not have to worry about it. You guys would or could download the same torrent and seed the same thing. Heck you guy's could be crossseeding to each other if anything. Lol. But it is a possibility to get the same torrents, especially if their hot. So I would double check if they give each user a unique IP, or shared IP. Good Day. I hope this helps! :001_tt2:

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    Interesting, the Q1T actually looks like an awesome purchase right now. Like InsanePinoyBoy said - you'd need more than 1 IP, right? the topTop

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    I didnt think so, since resellers are able to put 6-7 people on a box without a problem. But OVH does offer failover ip's for free, which I think could be configured for unique Ip's. I could be wrong however, so if some one knows for sure, feel free to correct me. the topTop

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    I'm actually interested in this. Might actually order one soon. Any more info on it ? the topTop

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    Did you look at the fine print? 3 TB limit..I highly doubt 3-4 users could stay within that limit especially on a gbps box.

    EDIT: Are you sure the .ie link allows purchases from the USA and Canada? Please provide a source =)

    I just tried ordering using the ie link and it allows a new contact to select USA and Canada as their country so I assume it should work, looking for a contact in the US now xD
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    3TB is for outbound traffic. If you use it mainly for seedbox heavy trackers, 75%+ of the traffic will be internal (to other OVH servers), so 3TB is actually not that big a problem, at least for 100Mbps.

    I only wish they would sell to other parts of the world, esp. where I live. :) the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb123 View Post
    The one user per tracker statement is not true, otherwise shared seedboxes would not be allowed. Also the hard drive would probably be partitioned. Application wise, I was thinking rtorrent, maybe utorrent. However right now this is an interest check.
    Well, i'm just running rutorrent once, and all 3 users use the same interface. That way, all data goes to the same partition, who makes it possible to crossseed something another user downloaded.

    What i was trying to make clear is that you cant jump all 3 on the same freeleech pack @ SCC (to give an example)

    I dont see the advantage off 3 different user GUI's, because that way you will create a lot more traffic, and as allready somebody stated, you do have a traffic limit. (not to talk about the dupe hard disk space you'll be wasting... the topTop

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