[General] FreeTheScene (FTS) Review

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    Default FreeTheScene.net | FTS | General | 2010

    FreeTheScene is a general/0day tracker. FreeTheScene is based off of Gazelle, something most of the users at T-I should be very familiar with.

    They have a very small userbase with many high level user classes. They have two sections of torrents, "Torrents" and "User Torrents". The difference is that the "Torrents" section is uploaded by staff members who have fast seedboxes. The "User Torrents" are uploaded by members of the website.
    They have a very nice community in the forums. Many users contribute to the community, making it a nice place to hang out at.

    There is a good quantity of freeleech around the website, making it easy to maintain a ratio. Most of the popular torrents are freeleech, but not all.
    Donating will get you both Upload Credit, and invites ranging from 2-10.

    Pretimes are decent.
    After being invited, you start out with 2 invites.

    Speeds are pretty slow. Most of the torrents(that I have downloaded) have very few seeders with slow speeds. The highest speed I have gotten is 70kbps and the slowest is 10kbps. The highest amount of seeders on a single torrent is 12.

    I love their implementation of the bonus system. Since they have such a small userbase, not all of the torrents are downloaded and people might think its hard to upload. However the longer you seed, the more of a "seed bonus" you collect, which is automatically added to your upload count. Even if no one ever downloads what you download, since you are seeding, you will get upload credit for it. This provides an incentive for people to download more torrents, and to seed the ones they currently have, also increasing the speeds of any torrents you download(since they're will be more peers).

    There is also IRC bonus.

    Content: 5/10
    Community: 7/10
    Speed: 3/10
    Overall: 6/10(+1 due to their unique bonus system)


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    I just wanted to add that FTS is now ratio free now but just like all trackers no HnR and seed for only 72hrs this was just posted on the site 2 days ago

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