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    RARBG.com | RBG | Ratioless | 2010

    RARBG is a Bulgarian ratiolessgeneral purpose (but adult biased with about 20% of the torrents in the XXX category) private tracker that is closed for signups at the time of this review but opens quite often. As a result of anti piracy groups pressure, the site has now moved to Sweden.

    RARBG.com site is bilingual Bulgarian/English, with most of the content and descriptions in English. Forum has an international section and a large percentage of its members are from English speaking countries like US, India and UK and is ranked as one of the top 2000 global sites (according to Alexa reports).

    A huge site with over 68.000 torrents indexed, mostly English, similar with Demonoid in concept and lack of rules but even more relaxed. No ratio is tracked, not even the seed time, at least not openly. Only the number of torrents is counted and it is the only thing that will increase your efficiency. There is also a rating system based on how many users have a member referred to the site. An impressive number of torrents and although heavily biased towards adult content most 0 day and even harder to find releases can be found here. Speed is very good in most cases and decent even with few seeders. Like Demonoid you can browse the torrents without the need to open an account.

    No statistical data is listed on the site. Based on the number of torrents and Alexa ranking compared with similar sites, a rough approximation would place the total number of members well above sites which claim 200,000+ members, probably somewhere around 500,000 by now. Seeding is very easy

    No membership is required to browse or download the torrents so it can be categorized as a semi-public tracker at this time.

    There is no functional invitation system in case you find the sign-up closed. An invitation link is provided to each member but it is not certain it will allow you to sign-up. PM me if you want to try the link but remember it might not work. The tracker is often open for sign-up so you should be able to find it open relatively easily if you keep trying or use a tool like Tracker Checker.

    The only bonuses are awarded for the number of downloads and the number of members you invite.


    Home page will usually redirect to the Torrent page for English speaking users.

    There are 7 sections on the site:

    Torrents | Trailers | Cinema & TV | Catalogue | Top 10 | News | Forum

    The “News” section and “Cinema & TV” sections are in Bulgarian only the others are mainly in English

    “Top 10” list the best members in the following categories:

    Top 10 by rating, Top 10 by efficiency, Top Torrents, Top XXX Torrents, Top Torrents by rating, Top Puzzle Players

    The "Catalogue" section is very nice and useful for browsing the torrents lists mainly movies and games.

    Torrent Categories

    The main categories are listed on the left menu

    View all

    BG TV







    The subcategories can be accessed through the drop down menu on the right of the search box.

    The navigation system is remarkable efficient, easy to browse or search the subcategories

    The "Catalogue" section will further categorize the torrents based on genre.

    Browse Page

    Browsing is above average and most useful data is easily accessible right from the list including links to IMDb and trailers from YouTube if available. No direct link to the torrent is provided so you need to visit the details page to download the torrent. Above is an example for browsing the Movies/x264 subcategory.

    You can also browse even as a guest, using the "Catalogue" section which is nice and similar to scene release sites. The "TV shows" and "Box Office" section will also give you quick access to favorite torrents.


    If you like trackers for the community forget about RARBG. Forum is very light, and is only good to ask some basic questions and make requests.


    There is no rules section. Basically you can download everything that you like and seed for as long as you want. To upload you need special permission from site admin (some details found in Forum)

    User Classes

    No explanation regarding the user classes is given on the site. Browsing the forums these classes can be deducted:

    Members, Uploaders, Owner and probably some VIP/premium class. Uploader class is given by request to admin only.

    Something special about the tracker

    Some nice touches are the possibly to save torrents to favorites so you can decide later what to download. The availability of trailers is a plus. A PDA section is a also not very common.

    Regular member signup is not accessible from the home page. The “Create account” link there will take you a premium account page (in work probably since is broken)

    Visit Account Management, or visit the login page (link next to “guest”) and from there to “Create account” open a regular account.

    In conclusion RARBG is a good alternative and/or complement to other ratioless trackers although is too "liberal" to be a good place to start learning how the private tracker world works.

    Major Stats:

    Site languages: EN, BG
    Alexa rank: 1772
    Total Members: ~ 500.000
    Total torrents: 68916
    Movies: 22440
    x264/HD Movies: 2392
    Music: 16406
    Games: 3099
    Software/Apps: 2707
    XXX: 18965
    Others: 618
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