[Movies] HDTracker.ru (HDT) Review

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    Default HDTracker.ru | HDT | HD | 2010

    This is the best Russian HD-tracker. It's staff releases HD-video and HQ-Music.
    Look at some screens to know it more:
    Main page:

    New releases:





    On this tracker many releases have great spedd, so you won't have any problems to download torrent you like.
    If you like this info - rep me up. If you think that something can be added - post it here.

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    what has happened with this tracker, it doesn´t work

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    that site is temporary down buddy. somebody needs to update this review. at least put some notice. they are GOOD. VERY GOOD. been a member for more than 6 mos.

    ugh... can't wait when they are up again :)

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    A shame, but there are a lot of competition on HD tracker

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    Yeah, if you like HD movies!
    Also there is another one good tracker and it has public registration, without invites: http://hdclub.org

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    Hdclub.org. I'm a member there. One of the best hd tracker. Speed is fast, lots of movies to choose from and they have lots of freeleech and halfleech torrents especially the popular ones. Non Russian people are turned off by its cyrillic letters but you can choose English at the top right corner which translates all the navigation keys which is all you need to be able to download.

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    Actually, this tracker is not good, most of the torrents there you can easily find on rutracker.org.
    Lots of badly muxed torrents, low quality Russian audio, with high quality video downloaded from some english HD-tracker, out of sync audio\video. Low quality 1080P rips.

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    Default Re: HDTracker.ru | HDT | HD | 2010

    Its open now

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