[Old] iLoveTorrents (ILT) Review

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    Default iLoveTorrents.com | ILT | General | 2010


    It's a general 0 day Tracker that has been "on the market" since 2006, and gathered about 9200 torrents, easy to seed, nice up/ down speeds,
    a very nice community.

    Home page


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    iLT is general/0day tracker





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    Not available
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    I would comment on this tracker as the junior version of Bitsoup. Basically have the same types of stuff as Bitsoup (scene release main stream), but less. Good tracker for an entry level torrent user, no invite needed (sorry, correction: it now requires invite to get in, what a joke) decent amount of scene release.

    They release some music collections on top of the British chart on the regular basis.
    They do have some nice computer software uploads, which sometimes I found to be handy.
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    Slight correction, matty: Signups are open right now.
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    All the pics are dead. One of the reasons why we only allow certain image hosts here now. Since they are open signup now maybe someone can make an updated review.
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