What do YOU think about all this SPAM?

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    Default What do YOU think about all this SPAM?

    I'm just going to quickly list some examples of threads that are just pure spam and then follow it up with an explanation.

    These are posts with over 100 posts in them. Obviously spam..no one reads all the answers and it is used to get posts. This sounds more like a Myspace Quiz than a Torrent Forum. The BitTorrent Forum is just as bad.

    This is the main reason I do not post on the forums. I don't find it fun when it's hard to find the community in the forums.

    Am I expecting too much from users? Any other opinions?
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    Of the 4 topics you linked I find at least 1 of them interesting - the where do you live topic.

    I agree few people read the answers but people feel like they're part of a community when they're sharing things about their life, even if they're doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Would be fun to stop letting posts count in certain threads just to see how many people keep posting.

    Edit: Also, its less annoying than you stretching the page with a code box. *facepalm*
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    I agree, there's needs to be a huge cleanup on these forums to stop these useless threads and rules put in place to prevent further threads from starting.
    "The problem with quotes on the internet is that they are difficult to verify." - Abraham Lincoln
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    This has been discussed countless times (especially in Suggestions). YOU CAN'T HELP IT. That's the way it goes on every forum (incl. high-level trackers!). I (and others as well) suggested turning the post-count off in the entire OT area and moving the General Section there as well. Nothing changed.

    The other side is that we do post in such threads and create them ourselves (and so do the staff) not to increase the post limit, sometimes it's just boredom. So either turn the post-count off or change the rules to fight spam threads, but that'd be a lot of work for mods and - well - would decrease the joy of using the forum for non-hardcore members.

    What I'd personally encourage you to is to act when any thread, especially a spam thread like that gets duplicated (I've already managed to report like 20 dupes like that, some of them grew to the same huge sizes even coexisting simulateously) and not make dupes yourself, btw. ;]

    I even made a parody thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by adenai View Post
    This has been discussed countless times (especially in Suggestions). YOU CAN'T HELP IT. That's the way it goes on every forum.
    Then they should at least be shifted to the off-topic section and have post count disabled.
    "The problem with quotes on the internet is that they are difficult to verify." - Abraham Lincoln
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    sry my thread bothered you, i was just trying to talk to some people and see what they were up to

    maybe we should have nothign else but ga's that would clean up all the sections
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    I agree staffrodore, but that's been already suggested.. countless times, this way or another :] If I was responsible for that, general section would be called "Hyde Park", would be placed in OT and the entire OT would have post count disabled.

    Let's chill out in the http://www.torrent-invites.com/gener...jokes-1-a.html ;]
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    I totally agree with you Staffrodore. Although, Adenai you're incorrect, there are plenty of places that don't have this problem..that are high traffic. But here's what I really don't understand.

    If this has been discussed countless times over, why is nothing acted upon? It seems like every suggestions gets thrown to the side. There's alot of very capable staff here..and this shoulden't be that hard..
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    agreed to it all, this site needs more of a community but its not going to happen with all these spam threads.

    If a user can post in a thread with over 100 posts, not have to read any others, there answer is less than one sentence and they never need to go back to that thread again, its spam, and we unfortunately have lots of them.

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    if you go on requests you will see even more spam and cheating reps/thanks.
    torrents before community should be what it's all about.
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