OVH. What is it? And Why Am I Hearing So Much About It?

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    Default OVH. What is it? And Why Am I Hearing So Much About It?

    What is it?

    OVH is a server and webhosting provider that has really low prices, great connection speeds and is hosted offshore (not in countries that will shut it down).

    Why is it so popular?
    The majority of seedboxes are hosted on OVH's servers, no other company really matches them for price and connection speed.

    So why cant you or I purchase OVH?

    Because we don't live in the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy and a number of other countries.

    How can I get OVH?

    Buy a seedbox from a reseller.

    A reseller is someone who is able to purchase a seedbox (lives in UK, France or Netherlands). Typically a reseller will do the extra work of setting the seedbox up for you with an Operating system and torrentclient so its ready to go when you get it.

    OVH is currently cracking down on resellers/people buying servers and running torrent clients on them. Its no longer allowed unless you have your own dedicated bandwidth. There are resellers that supply this.

    This site will be looking at seedboxes from resellers as the majority of seedbox hosts are resellers of OVH.

    OVH is associated with a number of websites. Most commonly and

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    I like OVH, it has great speeds and suport.
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    I heard, in dedicated server forum, OVH denied and forbid torrent services.
    This is only to stay away from Feds, lol.
    In fact, they allow us. Probably because we are giving most of the revenue to them.

    I also use OVH
    My big THANKS to: Pascualito, goover, konVILEeuted, smtsh, Knievel and The-Deh

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    OVH is also good for starters. Easy install, you dont need knowledge about servers to use it as a seedbox.

    But I had some problems with Dutch OVH support, they suck!

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    Yeah, but what are the ftp speeds like to the US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by princest.zelda View Post

    I heard, in dedicated server forum, OVH denied and forbid torrent services.
    This is only to stay away from Feds, lol.
    In fact, they allow us. Probably because we are giving most of the revenue to them.

    I also use OVH
    so what are the chances that if you buy a host from them that they will shut it down because you keep torrent on server

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    I know OVH is now banned on Waffles due to many brute attack attempts by various OVH boxes. I know they're banned from the site, and have seen reports of the tracker being blocked as well.
    This is one of the best userbars I have ever seen:

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    FROM WAFFLES FORUM: OVH seedboxes have been banned from accessing the site but can still use the tracker to upload/download. and just before you ask, no, this won't be lifted any time soon. OVH BANNED THREAD
    Logging in through your seedbox is like logging in through an anonymous proxy. Very discouraged, many times forbidden.

    OVH still has the cheapest dedi-servers around. Not neccesarily the best. You can get a Server.Lu RS2000 (refurbished) for 39EU or 49EU w/out setup right now..The benefit of a server control panel, free OS reinstall and NO resellers make them better imho..

    If you're a heavy bandwidth user and are scared of the 3TB per month on OVH UK Kimis, buy up to 5Tb pony up for an SPMini or go or leaseweb..I think if you're a beginner, you probably won't hit 3TB for the month - still, they don't cut you, you just get downgraded to 10mbs - OVH France is still unlimited,,

    As far as getting booted for torrenting. The biggest problem OVH has is receiving MPAA/RIAA letters. Most ISP's will take action on those in this climate.. NO PUBLIC TRACKERS on you're seedbox/server! Download your small utility apps from Demonoid and Pirate bay using your home connection. Be wary of Music and Films from even Torrent leech - Get into tehConnection, or PTP for films, specialty music sites and don't go crazy with you're seedbox.

    Advice? Setup a clean box, remove ovh RTM backdoors, use non-standard ports, private trackers ONLY, and make sure not to VNC into your box to login to your trackers and you'll minimize problems all the way around.

    You can always hit the THANKS button at the bottom of posts or the at the bottom left if you've been helped by someone.

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    Hi evoluntionary what is ovh RTM backdoor?

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