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    What happened to SW keep saying "Can't find page OR sometimes Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect to SW?? Have they shut down or going through down time?? Please help thanks :) the topTop

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    @jiya the site closed down. This is from their irc ' ::We've shut down for good due to a lot of different reasons. We apologize for leaving without warning but it wasn't the choice of the majority of us and we thank you all for the great years you spent with us. Join us at #radio where the community will live on as http://Stellar.DJ Radio'
    only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men the topTop

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    Any plans of them coming as a new site with a different name :) from ST to SW if u know what I mean :) Please anyone who knows anything pull me in the loop!! Thanks. the topTop

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    why don't connect to their irc and listen in there and you will be close to news, see shadowbuild's post the topTop

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    I did but no answer seems everyone is sleeping :( lol anyways if any news just keep me in the loop please I shall be very grateful thanks :) the topTop

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    @jiya it seems that there is talk of bringing the site back. This is the latest form their irc ::We've had the site shut down prematurely by the server owner and it was not the choice of the majority of staff. However, we are currently trying to find a way to continue, which requires us to retrieve our data from our shutdown server. We will have definite news by the 2nd.
    only the shadow knows the evil in the hearts of men the topTop

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    Now they changed it to "We will have definite news by the 4th."

    The 4th is over on the East Coast so... still waiting and no news. the topTop

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    Sooo any news.........?? Waiting patiently :) the topTop

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