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Thread: HDWing

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    Default HDWing

    Hi everyone,

    If you want an invite to HDWing you need to do these things:

    - Read and understand the Invite Giveaway Guide. (How to give an igiver?)
    - Apply only if you are going to use the account and stay active
    - Follow the tracker rules and read the FAQ
    - Keep a positive ratio!
    - Start your post with the word "Shufufu" so I know you agree to my rules.
    - Don't PM me unless I ask you.
    - If you try to argue you won't get any invite.


    - 3 of your best proofs edited properly with my name in the address bar.
    - Speedtest proof
    - SeedBox proof (if you have)

    Hashed IP Address : 0951e47f795caa38383b4b6ad3f69dac3ccec184

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    i'm out ...
    Hashed IP Address : 6d76e92f8325e176e8831ccc3dfc4a8d0d8b906e
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    BUMP BUMP !!
    Hashed IP Address : 0951e47f795caa38383b4b6ad3f69dac3ccec184

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    i would like to appply :D

    here is my ratio proofs:

    speedtest proofs:

    thnks buddy :D :D w8ing for ur reply
    Hashed IP Address : f130973643486865dafdafe31c949b608f1fcc39

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    ratio proofs:

    MOD edit: Proof removed. Exposed user name.

    Hashed IP Address : 9a174f359ff437fbdca0a8c76eb7df9889a8a2c8
    Last edited by Trevor; April 1st, 2013 at 09:18 AM.

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    Away from the drama


    @duhduh , you are only allowed to bump your threads once every 24 hours. Please respect this rule.
    Thank you,
    Hashed IP Address : 8076f0d689c0c55229e2991f2f0a0db4851b966a
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    @duhduh, you are only allowed to bump your threads once every 24 hours. Please respect this rule.
    Thank you,
    Sorry about that...
    Hashed IP Address : 0951e47f795caa38383b4b6ad3f69dac3ccec184

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    thank you for your invite
    I like to tell you I got invite from another member
    Best Regards
    Hashed IP Address : 187340299371f0d57c425b821dcba8e632413061

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