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    Default Open Tracker: DiffuseThe.Net

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    noticed this site is open an it hardly ever duz open. love a ratioless site an get in while u can

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    DiffuseTheNet is a US Private Torrent Tracker for 0day/General releases with very fast pre-times.. it is mostly devoted to TV/MOVIES

    more info:Open Private BitTorrent Trackers: DiffuseTheNet is open for Registration!

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    yup an they ave started to filter out stuff. only uploading all the top shows an whateva is requested in forum. site been closed all wk an is open this wkend.

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    There is a review: here.

    But it also doesn't say anything about # of users, torrents, seeders, leechers,...?
    All I see is some files with 1 or 2 seeds?

    And is the "open an hardly ever duz"(?) because it is just started?

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    As of now, the maximum number of users has been reached- could not register.

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    thankyou is goood tracker

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    Nice tracker whit a lot of features and nice design ..choosable skins ..enjoy the arcade games and hurry up to dont miss the advent calendar,

    fills the need of tv and movies..


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    Sorry i am confused..
    Dtn is very good
    Great releases.
    Lot of members
    Last edited by MiMaNo; December 11th, 2012 at 11:10 AM. Reason: review opinion

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    I don't see what BTN has to do with DiffuseThe.Net at all.
    Everyone here knows that BTN is the ultimate tracker for TV.
    If you wish to sing BTN's praises by all means do so but this isn't really the right thread to do that, is it.

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