Windows 7 backup...

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    Default Windows 7 backup...

    Hello people,

    I am planning on buying an SSD to replace my current SATA mechanical drive. Is there a way I can create an image of my entire system as it is now, then remove my old drive, install the SSD and write the image on to the new drive? This would save me a lot of time as I wouldn't have to reinstall all the programs again and reconfigure everything.

    The other thing is that this is a dual boot system (Windows 7 & Debian) using Grub. The last time I tried to remove a Linux distro from my machine I couldn't get Windows to boot up after. I think I tried to also remove Grub too. I assume Windows isn't going to backup anything outside of its own operating system.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Use Clonezilla - About for making the image and restoring it on the SSD

    But i strongly recommend you to reinstall you Windows on the SSD in the proper way (there is never a bad thing to reinstall Windows)

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    Many times in the past when I have formatted and reinstalled, there is ALWAYS something I forget to do beforehand which means that I lose files and/or settings, which I can't remember afterwards.

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    I don't know how to make an image of your current Windows, but as reohoie already said. It can never hurt to reinstall Windows. You might see a much faster loading time, because you reinstall Windows from zero and because you are using a SSD.

    You could always make a list of the programs you have installed currently on your Windows. Yeah I know, it takes some time to make this list, but this was you won't forget to install a program.
    Before I format and reinstall Windows on my laptop, I check every folder under my username and copy everything from there. Then I move the my C drive and look take a look in most of the folders wich can be found in 'Program Files'.

    If you want to skip the checking of the folders, just make an extra partition on your future SSD and save all your personal files on your second partition. That way you can format the C partition when you reinstall Windows and keep your other partitions just the way they are.

    About your dual-boot with Debian and Windows, I don't know which version of Debian you use, but I suggest you follow this guide: How to dual-boot Debian 6 and Windows 7. Windows 7 is already installed on this system before install Debian. At the end of the tutorial, they use Bootloader to restore the Debian boot file.

    I hope you find something of use from all the text I typed.
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    If you do decide you want to clone the disk (which is what I'd do) rather than reinstalling windows, you could do what reohoie suggested, boot clonezilla from a CD or USB drive, and use it to clone from your current hard drive to your SSD in a USB enclosure (or vice versa if you want to install the SSD first). You wouldn't be able to do this without an enclosure for one of the drives though, obviously.

    Alternatively, if you have a third backup drive lying around, you could use windows backup to create a system image backup, then swap out the SSD, and use your windows recovery disks to restore the system image backup to the SSD.

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    Thank you for all the information, I am sure it will come in handy when I finally change over.

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