Guide: How everyone can get an invite to

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    Default Guide: How everyone can get an invite to

    I found one topic talking about this, but doesnt explain anything, and the link is dead.. And i saw many people requesting invites, so i decided to write this, to help people that would like to get invited to Its really easy, trust me..

    So lets begin..

    If someone doesnt feel like reading my post, you can find pretty much all you need in this link: What.CD: A Beginner's Guide

    But i will explain it in few steps here also, so stick around :laugh:

    So, the thing is, has interviews going on all day long for people that wold like invitation. You have to use IRC, you have to wait a bit and then answer some questions.. If the guy that is interviewing you sadisfied, you will get invite to your email adress.. simply as that. and now, lets talk about how you get to that point!

    First thigs first, you have to use some IRC client (hope you know that one, if not, you can surly find a tutorial for that in many places..) and connect to:

    server: (port default - 6667)

    Well, i said thats the first thing, but it rly isnt. Before you go to that IRC channel, a direct link to your speedtest result. You can get that by going to - The Global Broadband Speed Test and making a test. when the results come up, you click the "DIRECT LINK" button, and you have just copyed a link to picture of your speedtest.

    So now we are ready for IRC. when you entered the channel, in that channel you have to type:

    !queue <direct link> (e.g. !queue

    That makes you a user waiting in line to be interviewed. The system will probably tell you what number in line are you. And then comes the waiting part. Its possible that they will start the interview in few minutes, but waiting for an hour or two its also possible. So, do this when you know that you have at least 2-3 hours to spend in front of your PC.

    When someone from staff has time, he will type "!next" in that channel ant take next guy waiting for an interview. When your turn comes, you will automaticly be taken into another channel that is only for the interview itself. they have 4-5 of those channels, so they can interview 5 people in the same time.. the thing is, staff does it when they have time. But there is a lot of them, so it shouldnt be a long wait.

    Once you are in that channel, guy who "picked you up" is going to talk to you. He is going to explain the rules and give you some questions.. some stuff like "where are you from", "are you a member of other private trackers" and so on. probably he will want to see some screenshots of ratios from other trackers also, so prepare that before..

    After the first set of questions, serius stuff begins. You will be asked about music, about encoding, about formats, and so on. Then some questions about rules..
    And thats it. If he is satisfied with you, he will ask you your email and send you an invite!

    And now about the test. All thigs he will ask you are explained in tgat link i posted in the beggining. here is the link again: What.CD: A Beginner's Guide

    So all questions are answer there. The thing is, you dont really have to learn it all.. you can easy read that site after he asks you, and then answer. BUT!: you have to do it quickly, because if you take too much time for an answer, he will know you are reading. So, its a good thing just to read that thing once before you go to irc, so you know where something is on the page, so you can find it quickly. AND USE "FIND" IN YOUR BROWSER! :laugh:
    AND DONT COPY/PASTE. all answers can be answered shortly, you can do it in your own words after reading few sentences about it.
    make sure you know what's the bitrate of all formats, and to know what formats are lossy and what are lostless. and a bit about the rules.. thats pretty much it.

    few more tips: dont get into main irc channel before you prepaired your speedtest and read What.CD: A Beginner's Guide . They dont allow ppl to idle that channel, so when you are ready, go there and do a !queue command.

    so, that was my gude for getting an invite for dont be affraid while interviewed, be casual and even make some jokes.. helps ppl belive that you rly know some stuff. i didnt even read the whole thing once, and i got the invite... so belive me, everyone can do it :001_tongue:

    hope I helped someone.. the topTop

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    so guys, anyone tried to pass the interview? i am curious about what precentage of ppl pass it.. the topTop

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    I got in on my second try. Getting a good ratio is much harder than taking the test though, and I have a great connection. the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by anondx View Post
    I got in on my second try. Getting a good ratio is much harder than taking the test though, and I have a great connection.
    Tell me about it... waffles is not as hard, Thank god. the topTop

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    I actually made an attempt to write a guide for this once; I could never really finish it. The VIP forum has a working draft, watch out it's big. Do with it whatever you want, some credit would be great. Just don't claim copyright, for the rest I don not care. :)
    Some credit is nice but you are not obligated to. (link to MySpace profile or simply Elonoir. )

    BitMe, Thank you Cheesy!! =D
    Thanks to BitLovin for my Waffles invite. ^^

    How to Give iTrader.
    | Ratio Proofs.

    I am a member of the following trackers:
    And the following which I don't really use (yet/anymore):,,,, & Demonoid. the topTop

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    Unfortunately My Country is Banned From Thier IRC, and the only way to get invite is by a friend and i really need it, any One? Or any other way? the topTop

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    I passed on my first go.. Was easy.. didn't even read the thing before just found the info i needed for his questions from google + the guide.. He said i was one of the best interviewees he's ever had lol.. THat i answered with too much detail.. More than was needed and i passed with flying colours :) the topTop

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    I passed on my first try prior to becoming a member here. They ask detailed questions and you need to know your stuff for sure. the topTop

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    3 months ago i heard of a interview to get into

    So next half hour i go there and i pass it.. Without studying anything. I had like 3 google tabs open with the info they were asking and i could find everything there

    that's how i passed lol
    Uhh the topTop

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    Googlebrains, a verb, a noun, a lifestyle - only for those with the know-how. the topTop

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