How to continue downloading a torrent with 0 seeds.

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    Default How to continue downloading a torrent with 0 seeds.

    I've run, once in a while, into torrents that had no seeds left. I wanted that file sooo bad that I searched alternate ways to continue downloading.

    I found this:

    btReAnnounceR - Finding more trackers for your torrrents

    It's fairly easy and comprehensive. I c/p the steps right off the site:

    1. Upload a torrent metafile.
    2. Wait a moment while the system attempts to find alternate trackers for your torrent.
    3. Select (or not) a new primary announce url (tracker) for your your torrent.
    4. Click "ReAnnounce" if you made any changes
    5. Select and/or De-select any or all of the remaining announce urls as alternates for your bittorrent client.
    6. Click "ReAnnounce"
    7. Download your ReAnnounced torrent when you're done

    Again... btReAnnounceR - Finding more trackers for your torrrents


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    Very nice! I'm gonna try this. Got a bunch of "rare" stuff that I've had problems completing.

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    Wow, great piece of info, works like a treat! very useful for older stuff! works 100%,It found over 40 seeds on a "dead" torrent! Cheers!

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    I couldnt get help out of it as it didnt seem useful to me when I try to download the book from torrent site!!!!!

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    Well it worked for me... you must have done something wrong. Download the torrent, then upload it there... You will eventually get it right:)

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    Ohhh...thank God! I remember trying this, but the site was down. I said forget it and look here it is! Back up and running! Even though I don't have any torrents that need seeds...I still thank you, merkaba!

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    I'm glad to I could be of service.


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    That is a very good tutorial, it does help. Now i can download some old stuffs

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    great .. gona test it out ;)

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