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    Default 2xComicBT | 5xTTi v2

    5 x TTi v2:
    - 1-2 ratioproofs;
    - speedtest.

    2 x ComicBT:
    - 1-2 ratioproofs;
    - speedtest.
    1. Qsdfgh1
    2. rofle

    Post here than PM me.

    Hashed IP Address : a15322440983857971f8c619bc4d53be2673632f
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    I am new to this and do not know what these sites are, but I am interested in getting started with a private tracker. I have only used demonoid and TPB in the past. I recently got a seedbox after getting a nasty gram from my ISP, but I'm not sure how to get a speedtest with that connection... I will send you what I can.


    I would be interested in anything, but I usually work with eBooks, movies and games.

    Hashed IP Address : a71fe0901c2f2912b6852374105ce504dd8c2d60
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    Can I have an invite for ComicBT ?

    Here is my ratio proof :

    Here is my seedbox proof :

    If you need another ratio proof or a speedtest proof don't hesitate !

    Thanks in advance.

    Hashed IP Address : 4ffb0f610d34b1444fb4f1027253888f2534661f
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    Interested in TTi:


    Hashed IP Address : 2fc5c492a6e83edb6b57537323839158486587b2
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    Would love a ComicBT invite! I can provide more proofs and seedbox proof if you need it.

    Proof: http://image.torrent-invites.com/images/9921.jpg
    Speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1850281372.png

    Hashed IP Address : 8306fad97efdcf691c25d77564cf510696300a7f
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    Hashed IP Address : 5047d34e6f4d8ae063f0f3b6026aa55c319d28f9
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    Hashed IP Address : ce425e0d03aaf79335eae250fba4ea60076f1894
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    Hashed IP Address : c31b92dacc50b899df908cb1137903b730c64b4f
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    Hashed IP Address : 6f2d4e84491557415782da3660f2b9852df1959b
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    Hashed IP Address : d1f02c01362255901fdc64bd00db57235db94e5e
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