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    Default Midnight-Torrents

    Well, It seems like Midnight-Torrents will be shutting down, and the staff will be creating a new website. I know probly not many people here use it, but It was my first private tracker and had great torrents for new xbox games. I was doing the job will I got into BCG.

    We are sad to say that the doors here will most likely be closing soon. Our owner/coder gave up on us and hasn't been around in weeks. (He's the only one with any passwords or access to any site code) The donation page is down and he also isn't around to pay the site bills. We, as dedicated staff, have decided to open a new site very soon. We want to announce it before this site is no longer functional. The new site url will be www.midnight-scene.com. There is nothing there or ready yet but we are working on it. Any donations that have been made the non-traditional way (since donation page has been down) are being forwarded to new site server costs. We will transfer the vip status of donations made to manmadeone@hotmail.com to the new site. (Which will also have a casino!) We don't have the manpower to transfer upload for everyone to new site and we are also uncertain of how long we have mt-fun available for reference anyway. The best thing about MT-Fun (Midnight!
    -Torrents) has always been the community and we hope that we will have an even better community over at the new site! This is a very exciting time for us and we look forward to working with most of you in the future.

    Obviously this 'starting over' is costing a lot of money. If anyone wants to help out via donation, we would appreciate it. Every little bit helps. The new server has been ordered and we will begin setup and testing asap. Please be patient as we make this transition as well.
    Just a heads up.
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    One of my first private trackers and still use. Sad too see this happen. Hopefully they will do even better at the new place.
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    I have also used it for some time.Good tracker it is.sad to see its shutting down.Hope new tracker is as good as this one or more good than this one.
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    One of my faves too- fast and clean.

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