What are the best traffic generating websites?

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    Default What are the best traffic generating websites?

    What is the best way to get more traffic to my website? I have a budget of $10. I am looking for a reliable website that does what they say, if they say "we send 10.000 real people to your website" i want to receive those 10.000 people and not get stuck at 800 people who stay for less than a second and than go somewhere else.

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    What kind of website do you have??

    Have you done the simple things first? for example:

    - Make sure your META TAGS are done correctly
    - Submit your site to as many privately run Link Directories/Search Engines as you can find.
    - Subscribe to the Usenet groups and advertise there. A good place to start is Google Groups.
    - Also making accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

    Once you have those done properly you will get a steady stream of people coming to your site, not bucket loads but its constant.

    After that you can look into getting traffic from companies etc but be careful because with a lot of them you will be wasting money. The key thing is to have words that make you stand out in searches (niche).

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    It depends on the content of the site mostly,dont forget that mate.People wont stay for long on it if its not worthy.No matter how many ads you've placed around or how good a SEO you have.
    I'd say focus more on making your website more appealing and smooth first,and interesting of course,and you'll see more often visitors.
    Thats what i think at least.

    P.S.There are legit ways to bring that much traffic as you said by paying,but i can tell you now its not coming cheap.And i wouldnt suggest it.Just read what i said above.
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    Well to be honest i cannot change anything about the targeted website. You see, i redirected my website to an online investment website so that i would get more affiliate revenue. My website contains nothing but only some metadata and a redirect link to my affiliate link.

    But the targeted website looks good, very clean and organized. There are lots of people who come there and stay to look around.
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    If thats the case then my advice to you is to work hard on SEO.If you're not familiar with optimization then find an expert,but be careful to avoid any grey or black hat SEO.
    Those guys (SEO experts) usually dont come cheap either,depending on the request.I will send you a link though if you're interested.
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    I am interested, but what kind of price are you talking about? I have a limited budget.

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    Well,with SEO you could either focus on single keywords or PageRank in search engines like google,which both bring plenty of traffic.But as i said it depends on the exact request.The higher you wanna climb the more you'll pay.You could hire freelancers and still the lowest would be 30$ i guess,going up to 1k$ or more.
    If you cant invest that kind of money,then i'd suggest to start studying about SEO yourself and work on it steadily and slowly.
    There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met."

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    Agree with Atropos, you will need at some point to learn a bit about what SEO is and understand what you want for your site.
    To link your question with this forum's core activity, I would strongly encourage you to join the tracker TheVault.bz. It is simply the best tracker for anything SEO related (among other things), with an amazing community.

    Since you are short on budget, you could hire someone on Fiverr to build backlinks to your site, or on other freelance jobs platforms (craigslist works too!). But you have to know in advance what a backlink is, what type of keywords you are targeting etc. If this sounds too overwhelming, invest time in learning a bit more about it. If you're in the business of affiliate marketing, you need to have some knowledge of how to drive traffic to your website, I'm afraid there's no going around that one :)

    I'm happy to have a look at your site and audit it to help you find things to improve that could make your visitors stay long enough to click on your affiliate link. If you want to chat about it, I plan on joining the IRC channel, if our time zones match maybe we could have a look at it together.

    To be honest, generating traffic demands a lot of work, patience and sometimes trials and errors. You can throw 10-100 bucks at it and get some results, but your best bet, if the product you are marketing is here to last, is to plan for longer, more solid traffic generating actions.

    Hope this helps, ask away if you have more questions !
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