Playing 1080p and 720p content on your computer/laptop

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    Default Playing 1080p and 720p content on your computer/laptop

    I apologize in advance if I accidentally missed a rule about posting in the tutorial section...

    I used to have problems playing back HD content at 1080p and 720p on my little msi wind packed with an intel atom processor. I mean... it sounds impossible right?

    Well I stumbled across a codec called Coreavc codec (corecodec)... It is honestly the best thing ever.

    I can play a HD movie on my 1.6ghz atom processor. That's just amazing people.

    And on my newly built htpc... well lets just say it runs so smoothly and almost instantly.

    but anyway, if you have trouble playing HD content on your computer, definitely give coreavc corecodec a try. It might just do wonders.

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    CoreAVC is truly excellent at getting the most out of your computer for HD decoding, especially dual core processors, but I seriously doubt you could get 1080p working on an Atom processor.

    I have an Acer Aspire One (1.6 & 1 GB RAM) and it can't handle it as far as I can tell.

    Also I would advise anyone interested in this subject to look at this article here - Accelerate x.264 1080p movies over the GPU Guide I think soon we will see x264 decoding via the graphics card quite commonly, hardware optimised for HD decoding should will you better picture quality also.

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    oh haha I forgot to mention. I added the 2 gigs of ram to my wind

    running custom vista (vlited) - runs faster than xp in my opinion

    and of course, had to overclock. but it's still worth it (I can watch digital tv @1080p via a simple hauppauge atsc usb tuner)

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    I am using Potplayer with CoreAVC to play HD content at 1080p and 720p.It is pecfect.

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    I Have an MSI Wind Atom N270, 2GB RAM, 160GB 5400RPM drive and i can play 1080P without any stuttering or anything, with a custom made xp (deleted all the crap) and with the CCCP Codec. Havent yet tested this codec.
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    yeah Coreavc codec is really good...

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    Default Re: Playing 1080p and 720p content on your computer/laptop

    Use Duam PotPlayer its also 64-bit compatible, works wonders.

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    Default Re: Playing 1080p and 720p content on your computer/laptop

    How do you people find these threads from wayyyy back?

    In any case, a +1 for coreavc.
    It lets my netbook play smaller HD with decent speed.

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    Default Re: Playing 1080p and 720p content on your computer/laptop

    I am just curious, how is the playback of the HD video? Does it get choppy or something?

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