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    Default What.CD Donation Question

    Can you get upload credit by donating on What? Waffles is my only music tracker and I wouldn't mind joining What as added security. However, I am sure What is just as hard as Waffles (maybe even harder) to build a good buffer, so I was wondering if you could donate to get upload credit.

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    Default Re: What.CD Donation Question

    What you will receive for a 5€ or 1 BTC minimum donation

    • Our eternal love, as represented by the you get next to your name.
    • 2 invitations, to invite 2 good friends to use this tracker.
    • Immunity to inactivity pruning.
    • Access to an ever growing list of exclusive features, including the ability to submit requests and personal collages.
    • A warm fuzzy feeling.

    What you will not receive

    • Immunity from the rules.
    • Additional upload credit.
    So, no you don't receive upload credit. You can build your buffer with a seedbox by grabbing Staff picks or by autodling latest V0s.
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    Default Re: What.CD Donation Question

    You can essentially buy upload credit by filling high bounty requests. For example, if someone requests a new album and sets a 15 GB bounty, and the album costs $15 to buy online, you are getting 1 GB per dollar which is not a bad deal. Also I would highly recommend joining What as it is 1,000,000x (in my opinion) better than waffles. You also get an upload out of this which is more free credit :)

    As an edit to the above, do yourself a favour and spend $15 one month to get a seedbox, it will save you the hassle of worrying about your ratio. You can use it for all of your sites, and for a one time fee of $15 and some of your time, you'll never have to worry about your ratio again on any site. I uploaded about 200 GB in a month on What with a seedbox by seeding/autodling staff picks, phish albums (theyre obsessed over there), and new releases.

    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions!
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