CRC failed in 'image.iso'. File is broken

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    Default CRC failed in 'image.iso'. File is broken

    I'm getting this error message after I FTP xbox 360 games from my seedbox to my computer and extract them with 7zip.

    CRC failed in 'image.iso'. File is broken .It happens with .rar images at 100%.

    It's the 2nd game now. What I did was extract it on the seedbox then download it, but that is annoying. Anyone ran into this before?
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    Hmm, so when you extracted it on the box first, and downloaded it afterwards the image worked fine?
    If that's the case, it clearly isn't corrupt, which is a good sign.

    Have you tried using another compression tool besides 7zip on your local machine, yet?
    Could be your 7zip installation bugging.
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    Yeah I just tried WinRAR and I get the same thing. The image checks out with abgx and works fine when extracted on the seedbox.

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    Hmm the second game failed the crc check with abgx and I extracted it on the seedbox. I think the problem might be on the seedbox now.
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    ^^ Try To Repair Corrupt Archive In Winrar & Then Try TO Extract It
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    Which FTP client are you using?

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    I'm using CuteFTP. I will try the WinRAR repair and see if it helps thanks.

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    I just downloaded the same torrent directly to my PC from another tracker and it unpacked and verified with abgx just fine. So I think the problem is with my seedbox or FTP client.
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    In your torrent client, stop all the other instances of that torrent except one of them. Force re-check it and then re-download it via your FTP, set it to RESUME, not override.

    What happens is there are very slight differences in the way the torrent is packed between different trackers, so the data was corrupted because you downloaded it from somewhere else and then cross seeded and probably re-downloaded the different pieces. the topTop

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    I got FTP set to resume and I'm not cross seeding or downloading. It wasn't doing this before so I don't know why it just started. Anyway I found that when extracting with WinRAR instead of 7zip it will show me the broken pieces, so I just redownload those and it will work. Still annoying tho. the topTop

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