How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server
  • How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server

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    Default How to install ruTorrent 3.1 on Server

    UPDATE JUNE 2,2010 : I changed this tutorial from rutorrent 3.0 beta to rutorrent 3.1 as it is now stable. If u already have rutorrent 3.0 beta installed from the old tutorial then try updating it first, and all plugins, to 3.1 with the command '# svn up'. If that doesnt work then just delete the old rutorrent dir in your web-server root dir and then follow this tutorial.

    This tutorial is gonna show u how to install the new ruTorrent 3.1, which by far is the best rutorrent yet and i highly recommend it for all rtorrent users. New improvements include a "Fast Resume" for cross seeding, progress bar for active torrents, search function to search all torrents u have downloaded, plugins tab for all plugins u have installed and some other good stuff. More can be found at there site & forum here:

    • NOTE : This is going off the basis u already logged in as root through ssh, have a working webserver and a functional rtorrent with xmlrpc-c support. rtorrent 0.8.5 or 0.8.6 recommended, so lets get started:

    PART 1 : Downloading rutorrent 3.1

    A : First u need to change directories to your webserver root directory. Mine, which is Lighttpd, is located at '/var/www/' so this is what im gonna use in this tutorial.
    • # cd /var/www

    B : Now download rutorrent 3.1. U need subversion (svn) to do this, but u should more then likely already have it installed. If not then install it with this command "# apt-get install subversion"

    C : U need to give read/write access for your webserver for rutorrent to work correctly.

    • # chmod 755 rutorrent -R

    D : When u want to update this in the future:

    • # cd /var/www/rutorrent
    • # svn up

    PART 2 : Installing Plugins

    A : cd to your plugin directory

    • # cd /var/www/rutorrent/plugins

    B : Now download plugins

    NOTE : Do this each time for each plugin, but substitute plugin-name with the actual plugin name. For example:

    Thats it and now point your browser at: hxxp://serverip/rutorrent and u will have the newly updated rutorrent.

    PART 3: HTTP direct access for downloading

    This is just extra i decided to do. Did u ever get tired of FTP speeds and u want a change? Well why not download straight from HTTP instead? This is how:

    A : U need to create a soft symlink from your webserver dir to your rtorrent downloads dir that contains all your downloads. Do this in terminal:

    • # ln -s /path/to/your/rtorrent/downloads /var/www

    This will create a folder called downloads in dir /var/www/ and u will now be able to reach it in your browser if done correctly: hxxp://serverip/downloads

    Thtas it for this tutorial and i hope it helps. Thanks and this is solely written by me, but credit goes to the author of rutorrent & website for making such a great webui.
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    INFO : This little tutorial is going to show u how to install the "unpack" plugin in the new rutorrent 3.1. What the "unpack" plugin does is allow u to unrar your torrents right in the rutorrent webui. This is one of the best features added and can be used for many reasons. One of those reasons is so u could cross seed to another tracker.

    NOTE : rutorrent 3.1, imo, is the most stable release of rutorrent yet and is continually being updated and improved. The same goes for the unpack plugin. Always try and update to the most recent release. Anyway, this tutorial is going on the basis, u followed my above tutorial, so lets get started :

    PART 4 : Installing Unpack plugin

    A : First we need to update rutorrent and any plugin we have installed. I am going to use my own plugins as examples below, so u need to update your own plugins :

    • # cd /var/www/rutorrent
    • # svn up
    • # cd plugins/erasedata && svn up
    • # cd ../geoip && svn up
    • # cd ../tracklabels && svn up

    NOTE : Just keep following the above steps till your are finished updating all your plugins.

    B : Before we install the "unpack" plugin we need to get the programs that will actually do the unpacking as root user :

    • # apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
    • # apt-get install unrar rar unzip

    NOTE : Above is for Debian based distro's, so if u have another Distro just install the programs as u normally would.

    C : Now lets install the "unpack" plugin.

    NOTE : Now u can refresh rutorrent 3.1 and the "unpack" plugin should be installed and functional. If u are getting errors on the "logger tab", in rutorrent, about "unrar & unzip", then u dont have the dependencies installed or rutorrent cant find them. If this is the case follow the next steps.

    D : This is if u are receiving errors about "unpack" not working. Back in terminal do this as root user:

    • # cd /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/unpack && nano conf.php

    Now put the path to "unrar & unzip" in the config file. My programs are located at "/usr/bin/", so for example i would put this in the config file and save & exit:


    NOTE : To unrar a release > choose/highlight a torrent > go to the "files" tab > right click the top rar file > choose unpack > fill in the path u want to unrar to > then choose process all volumes. The torrent will then unrar to the dir u chosen. U will see the progress for the unrar torrent in the "logger" tab of rutorrent.

    Thats it and now u have "unrar" installed and will be able to unrar torrents directly in rutorrent. Here are a few screenshots >

    **This tutorial was solely written by me. However, i did find out about the "unpack" plugin from the rutorrent forum found here > Rutorrent Webui - Index **
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    Hello MikeD

    Thanks a lot for writing this tutorial. It is really helpful and I am using it to setup my VPS. But I have a problem with ruTorrent downloading.
    After changing directory to /www/var/

    I type sudo svn co
    The terminal window keeps hanging like that for very long time and no response. What can I do ?

    Thanks :)

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    Try pressing 'ctrl + c' while its hanging. That should stop the process from completing and bring u back to terminal. Also, what distro and web-server are u using and whats your web-server's 'doc.root' dir?

    U may want to try and 'wget' the rutorrent download instead of going through svn. If ui want to know how to do that then let me know and ill pm u a quick tutorial for it. Thanks

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    Thanks a lot MikeD

    Well, I am already having problem with the hosting itself.
    They will fix it by today and I will start with you this tutorial (Your Tutorial as well)

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    how to view stats on rtorrent like utorrent? does it have keyboard shortcut for this?

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