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    Speed: average upload speed is about 200kb/s per torrent
    Unlimited transfer per month
    Support: ticket system. 1st time it took 24hours 2nd time it took 20mins
    GUI: torrentflux
    Active Torrents: 3 at a time
    Disk Space: 8 Gigs
    Speed of GUI: 0/10 VERY SLOW: takes about 15mins to delete a torrent and another 15 to add one. Takes 15mins to refresh sometimes.
    Package: 3euro one
    Price: 3euro
    Overall rating: 1/10

    I uploaded about 125GB in the first week

    Having some troubles now...... Im trying to add a torrent but it says that the torrent is already on the server

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    100 Mbps unmetered
    Support: Quick response from their support through ticket system - 3 hr average
    GUI: Transmission
    Speed of GUI: Slow to Average
    Package: Cheap package [
    8 GB HDD space, 3 active torrents ]
    €3.00 EUR Monthly (have to pay at least €6.00 for two months)
    Overall rating: 5/10

    Took them 6 days to setup a simple seedbox like that while they claim it take up to 5 days. Had to go through support to hurry them. Speed of gui is average, even with transmission client. Speeds are those you would expect of a home line so far, my downloads were up to 4mbps and uploads up to 1mbs, while my home line is 2mbit/512kbit. I am not sure how good they do on their more expensive packages but that's a waste of money unless you don't want to leave your pc on all day.

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    Speed:dl 2-4mb peak, ul 1 -2mb peak, average 1.5 mb dl, 800k/s ul
    Support:email, respond in 8 hours. ticket system as well, but it seems has some problem when i click summit , page dont forward. setup within 12 hours
    Speed of GUI: not very fast,but ok.sometimes when you remove and delete torrent+data, the GUI appears it is done. but the file still on the harddisk, need log on to ftp to delete it.
    Package: Small Seedbox (100 Mbps Network - 3 transfers at the same time 10 GB disk storage - 1 FTP account)
    Price:3 euro
    Overall rating: 5/10

    it is my first seedbox. honestly,speed very slow especially for the upload speed, maybe they oversell it. after all,it deserve 3 euro.
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    Default Re:

    are there anybody user of gbit packaces?

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    Any updates on this one? And how can I reach them? Can't find no email, no anything. But it looks really appealing to me as one of their offered locations is Lithuania.

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