Cheap reliable unlimited 1Gbps seedboxes that can be set up to individual request (time,space)

300GB 1 Gbps Unlimted 5€ a month or 1,5€ a week
400GB 1 Gbps Unlimted 7€ a month or 2€ a week
600GB 1 Gbps Unlimted 9€ a month or 3€ a week
4tb 1 Gbps Unlimted 40€ a month

-File menager/rar/zip
-HTTP Download Unlimited
-FTP Unlimited
- SSH access is not allowed
-Instan Setup time
Max 8 Users per Server
99.9 % Network Uptime
All Emails Are Replied To Up To 24 Hours (usually few hours)
If You Will Not Be Satisfied With Our Service Within a Few Days, a Full Refund Will Be Given
If you have any questions about our service please ask
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Payment: PayPal