This announcement was posted in TP on 24th January, 2017.

They're Waiting...

For You to Participate in
ThePlace Live Summit 2017

Hi folks,

For those of you who've been living under a rock, this means...

On Saturday February 18th, over 10 of TP's most knowledgeable members will share their expertise and stories in IRC panel discussions relating to everything from seduction, fitness, productivity, relationships, hypnosis, spirituality, weight loss, tantra, business, sex, and much more...

And the best part is...

You'll Be Able to Interact With Them Live
and Ask Them Any Questions You Want!

Remember, this only happens once a year -- and often goes on for hours as members disperse into half a dozen different chatrooms with each panel.

The exact roster of speakers is still being worked on and there's still a few slots open for those who want to discuss a particular topic (meaning you can become one of the panelists & share your wisdom for hundreds to benefit from).

The roster we are considering so far is.....

UserName withheld - "uber discipline", habits

UserName withheld - productivity, kanban

UserName withheld - energy work, tantra

UserName withheld - Pickup, Relationships

We're Still Looking For More Panelists

Past speakers have included:

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

UserName withheld

& More...

How to Participate

There's no strings attached. Just post in the thread below if you're interested in attending or have any questions. The exact time of the event will be announced in the next week... along with instructions on exactly how to join.

Post Here If You're Interested In Attending The 3rd Annual TP Experts Summit Or Want to Be a Panelist
(Link Withheld)

P.S. Only members who attend the live event will get instant access to the transcript torrent. All others will have to wait 4-6 months.

P.P.S Everyone who comes to the live event will also be whitelisted for a special bonus torrent that'll be announced after the event.