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We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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Thread: News

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    December 20, 2016

    Update One: Flacleech will end at 11:00AM UTC +0 - 5 Hours from this current post.

    NWCD: Securitas, Qualitas, Longaevitas
    We are the NotWhat CD FLAC Preservation Society
    God save EAC and our old beloved buddy Rippy.
    Preserving the old FLACS from being abused.
    Protecting the new FLACS, for me and for you.
    What more can we do?

    Christmas Flacleech Event #1 – Seed ‘till you Bleed
    Thank you so much to all of our users who submitted their albums into the Community Picks! The first five rounds have been a blast and we cannot wait to do more. Until then – something better!
    Flacleech! All newly uploaded 24bit FLAC and 16bit FLAC under 3GB will be freeleech for a small period of time starting NOW! Thanks to all the uploaders who have been working hard to preserve the FLAC. A very special thanks to iCurse to getting the flacleech setup!

    NotWhat.CD Mission Statement: believes in security, quality and longevity as paramount concepts which is why we strive to exceed the current expectations of every other tracker and provide a safe haven for the true music connoisseur. We are fostering a community of knowledgeable rippers, talented developers and friendly staff in order to reach our goals together. NWCD does not aim to have the largest torrent count – we aim to have the highest quality releases – here is your chance to catalog your FLAC collection on a tracker that will intelligently preserve the metadata, release information and lineage information.

    Our mission at NWCD is to create a cumulative repository of FLAC releases that is protected at all cost, withstands the test of time and a library of metadata fortified against the perils others projects have faced. Our mission encapsulates the idea of preserving the music once and for all. Since FLAC can be transcoded down to the other formats we place emphasis on 100% and 24bit FLAC releases. NWCD has development plans and contingencies in place to archive the release info, lineage and other metadata so none of the work done here at NWCD will ever be lost or go missing.

    The Power Users of yesterday are the Torrent Masters of tomorrow:
    We are here to welcome music lovers from across the globe and teach them proper ripping techniques, lineage info, and show them what constitutes as a high quality release.
    If you were a member or a power user, now is the time to learn the techniques to elevate your skillset. If you were an Elite user or Torrent Master, now is the time to rebuild your home together.
    We are constantly taking suggestions here on the forums and in the IRC and development is in constant motion with our focus as always on security and bringing you new features and benefits.

    Operation #Flacup: Part 1 –
    Introducing the FPS Group: Comrades, welcome to operation #flacup. As part of our directive to protect and build our FLAC repository we are looking for all members with a decent size collection of FLAC to come forward and enlist in operation #flacup and join the FLAC Preservation Society (FPS Group). NWCD has a semi-automated upload tool run in the command line that matches your FLAC library to MusicBrainz then automates the upload process to NWCD. Please enlist to the FPS Group by sending a message to fidelflacstro or pm him in the IRC. Any user is eligible to join the FLAC Preservation Society.

    Folder Naming Scheme Guidelines:
    In order to follow quality guidelines, we have adjusted the folder scheme rule:
    All the following information is required or the upload becomes trumpable.
    Order of information and choice of [] () {} is not a valid trump reason – see below:
    Artist – Album – Year - Label CatalogNum – Bitrate
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997) [24bit Lossless] [Warp] {WAP94}
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997) [Warp WAP94] [24bit Lossless]
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy

    Happy Holidays NWCD! Stay tuned for more information.


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    NWCD Site Updates: Milestone #2 is proud to release Two-Factor authentication for all of our users! We made a promise to put security #1 and our wonderful development team delivers. is the first and only gazelle-based music tracker with Two-Factor authentication integration and we won't stop there! Our roadmap includes other authentication methods such as Fido U2F and Yubikey OTP. Security will remain our #1 priority and our progress will reflect our foundation built on security, quality and longevity. ¡Viva la Revolución!

    At this time I want to to recognize our talented developers who dedicate their time and love to build this flactopia we call home. Thank you [Vector edit:user names omitted] for pushing us into the future.

    Two-Factor Authentication will enhance overall security of our userbase, allowing our users to verify themselves with either a Yubikey or by using an approved 2FA App for Android/iOS such as FreeOTP.

    Please visit the Two-Factor Authentication wiki article for a detailed guide on how to go about setting this feature up. If you should discover any bugs, please report them in the NotBugs Forum.

    Additional Developments

    • Image Transloading - External images will now be re-hosted to our image host automatically.
    • Seed Count Search Function - Users can now search torrents.php by seeder amount.
    • Updates to logchecker including drive offset and accurate rip check.
    • Hit and Run system integrated as a statistic to help users see which of their snatches need seeding.
    • Upgrades to better.php including unscored logs and other missing metadata.
    • Integrated official oink stylesheet and various other stylesheets.
    • The ability for users to "like" Forum Posts.

    Log file editing and uploading

    We are also pleased to introduce a new feature that will enable users to remove and add log files to torrents on the edit torrent page. FLAC uploads made prior to NWCD having a logchecker can now have their missing or incorrectly scored log files uploaded directly to the corresponding torrent page. We ask all original uploaders to please begin adding their missing log files to site by visiting the torrent page and clicking the ED link next to their uploaded torrents. We are also asking that Elite+ users and those with full editing privileges who have snatched these torrents, to please help out by adding the missing log files where they can. In addition, users who forget to add their log files when uploading torrents can now add these log files themselves instead of reporting the torrent or having to re-upload. See the image below for a brief glimpse of what to look for on the ED page. If you require any assistance or guidance on how to go about adding or editing the log files, please visit #help on where staff and FLS will be happy to help you. If you should discover any bugs, please report them in the NotBugs Forum.

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    FLAC History Month 2017

    Over the course of February we will be showcasing groups and artists that have many releases spanning over their respective career’s, whether it be multiple bands, pseudonyms, side projects or solo work and giving you the opportunity to truly explore and listen with a dedicated freeleech period per each selection. Our goal is to promote thoroughly filling in the gaps for each selected pick. We are ideally looking for 100% FLAC and Vinyl Rips to continue onward with our goal of preservation.

    Three artists will be showcased per week throughout February. All existing torrents and newly uploaded torrents for each artist will be automatically set to freeleech for the duration of their featured week, and then to neutral leech for the remainder of the month. Three new artists will then be announced for the following week. Note: All torrents will return to normal status at 12:00 (midday) UTC on the 1st March. We will issue a reminder of this 24hrs before the event ends.

    As a gesture of thanks for participating, the user who fills in the most gaps per selection will receive 2 freeleech tokens and 1 invite, and the user who fills in the most gaps overall will receive two personal collages and a custom title. We are also seeking community feedback along the way as well as suggestions as to who should be the next pick. Enjoy!

    To maintain standards and keep the level of moderation and editing to a minimum, please take note of the following:

    • Check your edition has not already been uploaded
    • Use the official title given and ensure you use the correct spelling
    • Include full lineage for vinyl uploads wherever possible
    • Report any dupes, mistakes or incorrect uploads
    • Pay attention to NWCD's Official Folder Naming Standards
    • If using the discogs autofill, ensure artists are credited correctly as main artist, guest, producer etc before hitting "upload"

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    I wanna get in. What exactly should I do?! Ex-What member here

    Click HERE to create your introduction! (follow the instructions written on all posts on that page)

    Get an Avatar Design From me
    Say hello to new members

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    go to their IRC, join invites channel and when asked by one of their staff forward them WCD confirmation email.
    took me one hour to get there, just because of some waiting on irc

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    3k User Celebration! Submit your Community Freeleech Picks!

    In celebration of our recruitment drive which has resulted in NWCD reaching the milestone of 3000 users and as a special thank you to all the uploaders that contributed towards a very successful FLAC History Month we will be having a round of freeleech picks chosen by you the community. They will go live once our current FHM comes to an end on Wednesday. You will have until then to submit your pick.

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    posted 1 week, 3 days ago

    With Open Arms - Official Recruitment is officially opening up recruitment to users of the following sites:

    Libble: bronze+
    LzTr: pu+
    db9: BovidaeSteroids+
    GGn: pu+
    MVIDs: pu+
    bib: pu+
    PTH/RED: elite+
    Apollo: elite+
    E****: all
    Pedros: all
    HDBits: pu+
    32p: pu+
    AHD: pu+
    PTP: pu+
    BTN: pu+

    All new users from this point out will receive a 5gb buffer to help focus on snatching some FLAC!
    All existing users with under 5gb upload have been reset to 5gb upload.

    Users can join #invites on with proof of an account in good standing at the above sites.
    We are still taking all waffles/ refugees with proof in the channel above on our IRC network.
    Officially invitation threads at their respective sites will go live shortly until then all are welcomed in #invites.

    An excerpt from our recruitment thread:
    “Through open discussion within our community we are evolving and innovating away from traditional music tracker standards towards a higher quality of music curation focused on integrity and preservation while forming a repository of accurate metadata. We strive to exceed the current expectations of every other tracker and provide a safe haven for the true music connoisseur, while ensuring development plans and contingencies are in place to archive release info, lineage and other metadata so none of the work done at will ever be lost and your efforts will not be wasted.

    Why notwhat? Here are a few reasons you may consider to join our community:
    Security and Privacy of our users, staff and data are paramount core values we take seriously.
    Proper folder names, metadata and ripping techniques are enforced with our focus on quality.
    IP Address information of our site visitors are anonymized or scrubbed across all of our services.
    Seedboxes, Proxies, VPNs, et al. are not discouraged and are highly recommended for all of our users.
    Active development with new milestones regularly following user suggestions and overall objectives.
    Our Two-Factor Authentication integration is 100% generated on-site without the use of google.
    All images from outside sources are ‘transloaded’ and served on our built-in image hosting service.”
    Thank you all for building a wonderful community and thank you to the rest of the staff for making our tracker a home! We have some groundbreaking milestones that will be announced soon. Hold on to your FLACs!

    With open arms, Staff

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    NWCD: Milestone #3: FLAC First – Part 1

    Welcome to all of our new users from our active recruitment! We hope you find us as a great incubator for the future of music trackers. NWCD is proud to have a dedicated developers working on our site every day. Here is a taste of some of the new features we have been working on in the past month:

    Referral System:
    NWCD has opted for a referral system in place of the traditional invitation system. Instead of an invitation being sent out, new users will receive a referral email detailing how they can join our IRC network and meet with our staff and interview team before they are accepted into the community as a member. See this wiki article for more detail.

    Music Only:
    We are removing non-music content categories such as Comics, Ebooks, Comedy and Applications. In the future this may be selectively expanded upon but at the moment we are entirely focused on music.

    Log Verification System (EAC & XLD):
    The NWCD Logchecker has been expanded upon to automatically verify checksums of EAC and XLD logs in real-time. All logs uploaded prior to this feature have been retroactively verified. Verified log torrents can be searched for on the advanced search page under the Misc Option. All torrents with Verified Logs will show up as:

    FLAC / Lossless / Lineage / Log (100%) Verified / Cue

    If the torrent does not show up as verified it means either the log file has no checksum to verify against or the verification failed (illegal characters or modified log)– these torrents are now trumpable with a torrent + log that can be successfully verified through our system. Users who upload modified logs will be warned and then have their uploading privileges removed after multiple verification fails. Users can still upload logs without checksums but cannot upload modified log files.

    Multi-Lingual Logs:
    Non-English logs are now accepted on site and can be uploaded normally. Users who upload a non-english log should report the torrent for a manual rescore. NWCD has the ability to manually rescore non-english logs and can accurately change the score on site. Users who fail to report for a rescore will have their log scored as 1%.

    Lineage Field:
    Fulfilling our goal of building an accurate and compressive database we have implemented a lineage field on upload and edit that will contain ripping lineage, encoder settings or source url for web releases. We have also implemented a lineage search box on the advanced search page. This feature will allow users to search for any string contained in the lineage field, effectively allowing to you search for web releases from a specific source or search for specific hardware used in the rip lineage such as turntable, cartridge, pre-amp, etc. Torrents with lineage information will be displayed as:
    FLAC / 24bit Lossless / Lineage

    HTTPS/HTTP Announce Toggle:
    Upon user request we have added the ability to toggle between the http and https announce in the user settings. The https announce will be selected by default and we highly recommend leaving HTTPS on. This option can be found in the user settings.

    Multi-Format Upload Source Flag:
    We have fixed the bug where multi-format uploads were not designated our source flag in the .torrent.

    Imgupload.php BB Code:
    BB Code format is now on imgupload.php upon submit! Much more improvements coming soon to this page.

    We have lots of other exciting updates coming soon!

    In celebration of a very successful recruitment drive which has resulted in NWCD swiftly closing in on the 3k active user threshold...

    As a warm welcome to all our new members who have found their way to us through word of mouth, recruitment or because they were refugees in search of a new home...

    As recognition to the relentless interview team who between them have interviewed over 800 new members in the last week...

    And finally to our community: for your continuous focus on quality and for helping each other to achieve it, we give you our development offerings and the community freeleech picks below as a well-deserved thank you. Get downloading and enjoy the recommendations of your fellow NWCD members!

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    posted March 12, 2017

    RIP EAC 2000-2017

    EAC spent its whole life ripping - now RIP EAC.

    This was going to be a blog post but EAC deserves at least an announcement…

    The EAC verification method is outdated and compromised. Malicious users can append valid checksums to tampered logfiles. Unfortunately, this technique is already being exploiting across other trackers. We sincerely hope our members have enough sense to not attempt to modify log files as it will result in a permanent ban. We hope our users have accumulated enough buffer through the freeleeches and uploads without having to resort to the method described above. We do not believe our users would waste their time attempting to modify logs to gain buffer. We believe our community is just as dedicated to quality control as our staff.

    The typical scenario of how this technique is used: a 0.99 is spoofed to look like a 1.0 with an appropriately generated checksum passing the logchecker as 100% verified. This does not mean they are transcodes, it simply means we can no longer verify the authenticity of any EAC Log but we trust you to make NWCD a treasure of correct metadata especially with our new release lineage feature.

    EAC is still an option at this time for uploading as we trust our userbase to not forge logs.

    All unverified torrents are currently NOT trumpable and we will let the community know when the trumping will begin. We are implementing our solution in the next FLAC FIRST milestone - more on this to come soon.
    The verification system has run through all the old logs and is instantly verifying all new uploads.

    RIP EAC 2000-2017

    XLD verification can no longer be fully authenticated just like EAC. The method is a bit more involved but it is possible none the less. The same rules outlined above apply to XLD.

    Thank you,
    NWCD Staff

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